Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Week Of Recouperating

My finger has been recouperating that is.  :)  It's doing very well.  I haven't been able to do much of anything with it up to this point though because of the area it is - easy to bump.  The couple times I did bump it - ouch !  So now, 14 days after the burn, I can use the finger quite well.  The two things that still bother it, heat and bumping.  lol !  The new skin is VERY tender.   All in all, it's doing good.  It's going to be at least another week probably before I can torch (I'm guessing) due to the fact the burn would be close to and facing radiant heat from the torch.  

I found a new blog to read that will be a great help to all lampworkers - the link is to the right and just below and it's called  Mind Melt.  It's pretty cool and I will keep reading that one.  A wealth of knowledge about glasses and reactions.  I just happened on that one quite by mistake.  There are soooo many blogs out there with soooo much knowledge in this wonderful world of glass that it's impossible to find it all.  

So because of my new infactuation with making jumbo blown beads I decided I needed a couple more new "toys" to do it up properly.  lol !  I have a brand new torch coming that's going to give me a wider flame.  My fabulous Piranha is hot enough to do the job but it has more of a pinpoint flame that's perfect for detail work such as sculpting.  That's what I was doing ALOT of before I "quit" a couple years ago.  I'm going in a whole new direction with my glass work now so needed the bushy flame to help keep those jumbo beads warm all over.  :)  Can't wait to get it here !  :) 

Since I haven't been able to torch, I've included a photo of the decent tube beads I've made so far since coming back to making beads.  Enjoy !

Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again sometime soon.  I'll be back next week with an update.  Maybe something new to show ?  :)  

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