Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Week Of Recouperating

My finger has been recouperating that is.  :)  It's doing very well.  I haven't been able to do much of anything with it up to this point though because of the area it is - easy to bump.  The couple times I did bump it - ouch !  So now, 14 days after the burn, I can use the finger quite well.  The two things that still bother it, heat and bumping.  lol !  The new skin is VERY tender.   All in all, it's doing good.  It's going to be at least another week probably before I can torch (I'm guessing) due to the fact the burn would be close to and facing radiant heat from the torch.  

I found a new blog to read that will be a great help to all lampworkers - the link is to the right and just below and it's called  Mind Melt.  It's pretty cool and I will keep reading that one.  A wealth of knowledge about glasses and reactions.  I just happened on that one quite by mistake.  There are soooo many blogs out there with soooo much knowledge in this wonderful world of glass that it's impossible to find it all.  

So because of my new infactuation with making jumbo blown beads I decided I needed a couple more new "toys" to do it up properly.  lol !  I have a brand new torch coming that's going to give me a wider flame.  My fabulous Piranha is hot enough to do the job but it has more of a pinpoint flame that's perfect for detail work such as sculpting.  That's what I was doing ALOT of before I "quit" a couple years ago.  I'm going in a whole new direction with my glass work now so needed the bushy flame to help keep those jumbo beads warm all over.  :)  Can't wait to get it here !  :) 

Since I haven't been able to torch, I've included a photo of the decent tube beads I've made so far since coming back to making beads.  Enjoy !

Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again sometime soon.  I'll be back next week with an update.  Maybe something new to show ?  :)  

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Late and Have a Good Excuse

Well, only by one day and really it's only because it took me longer than normal to get chores done yesterday.  And the reason it took longer, I burned my finger last week while at the torch.  Yep, and it's not just a minor burn.  Anyway, I haven't been able to do alot of my normal "stuff" which includes being at the torch.  The burn is on my first finger in an area that is used ALOT, usually bends alot and gets bumped alot in normal circumstances.  Plus, that area is exposed to alot of heat when making beads.  Something that doesn't feel very good right now.  lol !
At least before I burned my finger I was able to explore making blown beads and shards for the very first time, for a very brief moment.  I got one shard done, one blown bead done and one more blown bead partially done.  That last one is still laying,  glass unscathed, where I threw it on the table after burning myself.  :)  Just below is the picture of the blown bead I was able to finish.  I almost blew a hole in it but saved it and you can see that weak spot in the photo.  The bead is very odd shaped to be sure but I HAD A BLAST making it !  I am sooooo hooked and will be doing more.  I have ALWAYS loved huge, giant beads and this one measures in at about 30x35mm or about 1 1/4 x 1 1/2" !  I want bigger too !  :)

I can't wait to make more and in lots of colors !  A friend said she'd love to have a  necklace made with some so that gives me a great incentive to do my best.  It was so much fun making this one and even the one that blew out.  lol ! 

Of course I'll continue to make the butterfly beads for BOC.  I need to keep working on and perfecting those as well.  


I know in my last post I said I would talk more about photographing but that also has come to a stand still.  I'll get back to all the bead stuff when my finger is healed enough to do so. In the meantime, thanks much for coming by and visiting.  
Come back again any time to see what's up.  :)

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Musings

A busy week it's been for me for sure as I'm sure it's been for lots of folks.  Getting back to "normal" after the holidays - whatever normal is - can be a challenge for some, like me.  We get in that holiday mode and sometimes it's a little hard to get out of it.  We're in it for months BEFORE the actual day even happens ! 

Along with getting back into a "normal" mode, I've been back to the torch a couple of times and playing with my photography set up.  More of the photo stuff in a bit.  The torching was a bit of a challenge this week as I continue to try and get comfortable making butterfly beads.  It's going to take lots more practice that's for sure as I continue that effort.  My goal is to make the butterfly then be able to add decorations of all sorts.  Again a challenge for me but well worth it.  I USE to be very comfortable sculpting beads but that was nearly 2 years ago and I haven't done that since.  So again, it's back to the drawing board for me.  lol !  And that's ok cause no matter what I do at the torch, I LOVE IT !  :)  
Butterflies below !  
Of all the photo's I've taken, so far, this is the best one.  :)  As you can see there are funky butterflies but I wanted to show my progress as I go along.  The top middle blue one has burnt wings.  lol !  The orange and blue one on the bottom right was the very first one I've ever made.  See, I never made butterflies before this - ever.  lol !  The orange and blue one will definately be staying home with me and the burnt wings one, I MIGHT be able to still save that one.  We'll see.  I'm going to keep making these in the hopes I'll get better as I progress.  I want to do my very best for the families that will get the butterflies.:)

 I've been playing with my photo set up and it's been a HUGE challenge.  Or maybe a pain in the behind is a better way to express it !  lol !  Photography is not my strong suit at all.  Still, as you can see with the photo above I have alot of work to do !  All this will be the subject of my next post as to what's going on with that.  It deserves to be kept separate.  lol !  I LOVE making beads - HATE taking pictures of them !  lol !  So until next time........... 

Thanks so much for coming by my little blog.  I hope you come back again sometime.  I will post at least once a week from here on in.  :)       

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Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year is Here.

Happy New Year to one and all !  I hope you had a safe and fun holiday season.
With the new year here at last, I've come to the conclusion I need to do something more  with my beadmaking.  I don't sell beads or jewelry any more and I plan to continue to make beads cause I LOVE IT !  :)  So, with that in mind I needed a plan as to what to actually do with all these beads that will eventually overtake my space if I kept them all.   I can only make so many pieces of jewelry for myself and  I can only keep so many beads for myself.  The best plan for me, is donating to Beads Of Courage.  Follow this link to read about this wonderful organization.
When you're at the website, be sure to watch the CBS story.  Just wait for the picture to scroll thru and click that link.  And you can donate money as well by purchasing beads.  There are tabs across the top in the pink you can click on and read.   

They are always in need of beads so what better way to do something with all these beads I have and will have ?  Plus, I'm learning to make butterfly beads.  Something I've never made before.  The butterfly bead is a very special bead as it is given to the family of a child that has lost their battle with the illness they had.  Sad to be sure but the butterfly is a  lovely remembrance I think.  How can I not give them all the beads I can make ?      

So yesterday I tackled a couple of butterflies.  They are still in the kiln this morning.  The bad thing is when I was at the torch yesterday, I went to reach for something on the table and put two fingers right thru the flame of my torch !  lol !  It happens to us all, that's a given.  Sometimes we just "forget" we are playing with real FIRE !  lol !  So I ended up only making 2 1/2 butterflies yesterday but at least it's a start.  :)  I did make one the other day but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to show that one.  lol !  Anyway, I'll get the other 2 cleaned up today and take pictures of those and some other beads I made a week or so ago and post ASAP.  

In the meantime, here's a picture of a glass ring bracelet I won on Ebay a week or so ago !  Yes, it's all glass that has been melted into those circles !  I LOVE IT !  It is done in Boro glass by the fabulous glass artist Pipyr.  Boro is hard glass and very different from the soft glass I use.  Here's a link to her website    I also bought her tutorial on how to make these circles.  I've always wondered how this was done without the glass sticking to each other.  Now I know and hopefully will someday try working on it !  :)  I have tons of tutorials I've never tried but that's something for another day.  lol !  

So I'm off to start my day.  :)  I thank-you for coming by and having a look see at what's going on here.  I'll keep posting to be sure.  Come back again sometime to have a peek.  Have a safe and wonderful New Year !    


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