Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year is Here.

Happy New Year to one and all !  I hope you had a safe and fun holiday season.
With the new year here at last, I've come to the conclusion I need to do something more  with my beadmaking.  I don't sell beads or jewelry any more and I plan to continue to make beads cause I LOVE IT !  :)  So, with that in mind I needed a plan as to what to actually do with all these beads that will eventually overtake my space if I kept them all.   I can only make so many pieces of jewelry for myself and  I can only keep so many beads for myself.  The best plan for me, is donating to Beads Of Courage.  Follow this link to read about this wonderful organization.
When you're at the website, be sure to watch the CBS story.  Just wait for the picture to scroll thru and click that link.  And you can donate money as well by purchasing beads.  There are tabs across the top in the pink you can click on and read.   

They are always in need of beads so what better way to do something with all these beads I have and will have ?  Plus, I'm learning to make butterfly beads.  Something I've never made before.  The butterfly bead is a very special bead as it is given to the family of a child that has lost their battle with the illness they had.  Sad to be sure but the butterfly is a  lovely remembrance I think.  How can I not give them all the beads I can make ?      

So yesterday I tackled a couple of butterflies.  They are still in the kiln this morning.  The bad thing is when I was at the torch yesterday, I went to reach for something on the table and put two fingers right thru the flame of my torch !  lol !  It happens to us all, that's a given.  Sometimes we just "forget" we are playing with real FIRE !  lol !  So I ended up only making 2 1/2 butterflies yesterday but at least it's a start.  :)  I did make one the other day but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to show that one.  lol !  Anyway, I'll get the other 2 cleaned up today and take pictures of those and some other beads I made a week or so ago and post ASAP.  

In the meantime, here's a picture of a glass ring bracelet I won on Ebay a week or so ago !  Yes, it's all glass that has been melted into those circles !  I LOVE IT !  It is done in Boro glass by the fabulous glass artist Pipyr.  Boro is hard glass and very different from the soft glass I use.  Here's a link to her website    I also bought her tutorial on how to make these circles.  I've always wondered how this was done without the glass sticking to each other.  Now I know and hopefully will someday try working on it !  :)  I have tons of tutorials I've never tried but that's something for another day.  lol !  

So I'm off to start my day.  :)  I thank-you for coming by and having a look see at what's going on here.  I'll keep posting to be sure.  Come back again sometime to have a peek.  Have a safe and wonderful New Year !    


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  1. Debbie,
    That is a great idea to donate all of the beads that you are not going to use to a great cause.
    Love that bracelet that you won.
    Oh yeah and be more careful around that flame, I would not want you to not be able to make those beautiful beads.

  2. I hope you had a chance to visit the BOC web site Therese. :)
    The fingers are fine but thanks much for the compliment on the bracelet and beads. I did torch today so more butterflies are coming. :)

  3. Hi Debbie!
    This is Ashley from Beads of Courage, I found your post through a Google Blog search:) We are honored to be the recipients of your beautiful works of art. Ultimately, the end up on the lanyards of some amazing, courageous children coping with serious illness.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for helping make healing happen!

    With gratitude, Ashley Ethridge

  4. Thanks for stopping by Ashley. I'm honored to be able to do even just a little of what I love to do for these brave kids and their families. :) I hope to be able to send in lots more beads and butterflies in the very near future.