Monday, September 26, 2016

An Act of Honesty and Kindness

Another post that is not the norm for my blog.  This has to do with what the title is - being honest and kind. 

Over this past weekend, my husband traveled to W. Virginia and managed to lose his cell phone.  A first for him as that phone is generally glued to his hand !  I'm sure that's the case for MILLIONS of people.  Anyway, it was lost.  He told me he figured it was gone and he'd never have it again.  No biggie as he had planned on upgrading to a new phone and plan which would include a cell phone to replace the land line in our home.  There was no hurry to do that - until this past weekend. 

Anyway, after calling numerous times over the 36 hours or so it was missing, someone finally answered the phone !  A person by the name of Shelia.  Turns out, Shelia is the manager of a restaurant in W. Virginia.  She or someone, found the phone and was hoping someone would call it.  After speaking to her for a few minutes, she gave me the phone number my husband could reach her at so they could make arrangements for him to get the phone.  My husband was about a 2 hour drive away from the restaurant so instead of mailing it to our home, Shelia offered to meet him Sunday at the closed restaurant to return it to him.  She did, he has it and all is well with the world !  lol !  She refused a reward my husband offered but asked we promote the restaurant.  Easily done so here goes.

Thank-You again so very much Shelia for being the kind and honest person that you are.  You truly made my week ! 

Even though I did not dine at your restaurant, I hear the food is excellent according to my husband and the service, well let's just say above and beyond the call of duty !  :)  

Thanks for coming by !  I hope you come back again sometime. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Have Had My Fill

Normally I just don't like to complain about anything on my blog page.  Really it's not for that purpose BUT this morning I just cannot help myself.  This really concerns everyone who shops online, which the way I understand it, is ALOT of people.
The convenience of shopping online has made this task of shopping so much easier than running out to the mall and dealing with crowds of bodies.  And don't get me started on the holiday's ! 

My biggest gripe these days isn't really shopping. It's when we go to the check-out and find out the cost for shipping.  Yes, the almighty dollar really comes in to play here.  I have found and I'm sure so has everyone else, that people and companies like to make money on whatever it is they ship.  Yep.  Surprise - surprise !  This morning I had my fill of it.  I ordered two items that could of EASILY fit into one package/bag/box.  The items were bras of all things.  Now, my size is nothing unusual at all.  Just an average boobage size so the bras are not huge by any means.  Even if they were, this particular company wouldn't care anyway.  When I got the receipts in my email, they separated the orders making it TWO orders and charged shipping on BOTH packages !   Really ?  You really need to make those few extra dollars to make sure your bottom line was in the black ???

  This just sent me over the edge !  I've dealt with companies that charge WAY more than necessary just because and companies that charge a set amount no matter what you buy.  Also both rip-offs and they do it because they know if you want that item(s) you'll pay the shipping no matter what.  Well, after I called this company and complained.  Told them this makes no sense whatsoever since this company is HUGE. And even though it's only a matter of a few dollars I could see no reason both bras could not be put in the same package.  The person on the other end just said," Well, it's just the way we do it."  "Ok then" I responded back," cancel the one bra".  She did and that was that.  I needed at least one new bra so went ahead and ordered one.   

When I use my standard cost for shipping a set of beads or a focal bead or destash items, I charge $3.95.  Sounds like a lot you say ?  Well, it really isn't.  I make no money on this at all. 
First, for my standard rate, the postage for one bubble padded envelope I use is $2.60.  That comes right off the top of the $3.95.  I have the cost of the bubble padded envelopes, the printer paper and ink to print the shipping label, the tape to tape everything up, the box or more bubble wrap to secure the beads, plastic bags to put the silk cords in and the cost of the business card(s) that are put in the package.  IF it's jewelry you're buying, the cost goes up of course because a bigger box is needed, a box to put the piece in, etc etc.  Same with more than one set of beads and so on.  You get the picture.  Then if I have to drive to the post office, that's gas used and time used.  So there you are.  If I could ship cheaper and save you money, believe me I would. 

My bottom line is this :  I will no longer shop with any company that decides it's ok to rip off the consumer with over charging on shipping.  Especially the big companies we are all familiar with.  That REALLY bites. 

Ok that's done.  lol !  I actually got at the torch very briefly today to try out a new tool I've been dying to use for MONTHS !  Finally tried it out.  Made me smile !  lol !~  Can't wait to play with it more.  When it gets down into the 60's and lower in the mornings I can torch for a little bit.  That's the plan. 

Thanks for coming by.  Once I get back at the torch, I'll be posting more often once again.