Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm Still Here - Somewhere

Amoungst everything that's going on in my life right now, yes, I'm still here - somewhere.  lol !  Hopefully everything will "come together" soon and I can get back to normal - whatever THAT might be. 

Creativity has been set aside for other important happenings this past month but now, I'm in NEED of my so called muse to pay me a visit.  Can't torch right now due to health issues and the darned heat and humidity so will be doing other fun things as stated in the last post.  Yep, more kumihimo - beaded and regular.  Also some jewelry making of some sort.  Maybe need to use some of my own beads for that.  I'm also going to dive into another fun venture I haven't tried as of yet.  Won't give that away until I take that dive though.  lol ! 

I have made up a couple new items recently - two bracelets and a new flat kumihimo braid.  The bracelets were actually necklaces at one time.  I had to take them apart for one reason or another.  Instead of taking off all the beads, I thought I'd try and save at least half of each necklace.  It seems to of work ok.  :)  The end results are the two bracelets below. 

I found these incredible snake clasps and had to get a few.  I love them !  I want to make a snake pattern kumi bracelet and use a pair for the next one I make.  This black and white beaded kumi bracelet was a necklace I made for my niece that she didn't want.  lol !  I like it better this way !  :)
This blue bracelet was part of a necklace I got in a jewelry exchange.  The person that was my partner made it with beads I sent to her and I made one for her with beads she sent to me.  The necklace broke by accident but I was able to save half of it and this is what I made with it.  I love it  ! 
The kumihimo braid I made the other day using some new multicolor satin cord I got.  I like how the colors blended.  I had no way of knowing where the colors would end up and that was fun !  It's a flat braid and would be great to use in a handfasting ceremony.  I've sold several out of my Etsy shop just for that reason and so far, my customers have loved them !  :) 

That's all for now.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again.  Have a great week !