Friday, October 7, 2016


Yep, it's that time of year when the cool morning breezes, falling leaves and the smell of autumn is in the air !   Which means - torch time for me !  In the early mornings, when it's the coolest temps I can take advantage and finally be at the torch again !  Which is what I did this past week !  Yay !  It also means the temps will keep falling (hopefully) and I'll be able to torch no matter the time of day.  Still, my most productive and favorite time of the day IS early mornings.   As far back as I can remember early mornings have ALWAYS been my best time of day. 

Since it is autumn I decided I needed to make some leaves again.  The set I made took me a few days to put together.  That's because I only torch no more than 2 or 2 1/2 hours a morning.  It's a HUGE set that can be divided.  Just need to figure out how big the sets need to be.  Anyway, I have made this set before and enjoyed it a lot so have wanted to make another set since.  Just never did it - til now.  Of course it's not exactly the same.  A remake never is.  Still, I like it a lot.  I'm putting up photo's of both sets to compare.  The only way I can compare since the first set is long gone.  :)  So here goes:  Photo #1 is the new set and photo #2 is the first set.  I used the exact same colors but used a little bit of a different technique in applying those colors.  Plus, the newest set does not have spacers.  I have given up on making spacers simply because they are a pain in the hand (and butt ! ) to clean !  Easy to make but a real pain to clean.  I have enough hand problems as it is without adding more !  :)  Anyway, there you go. 

So this morning, as I sit and type this post, I am thinking what I want to do today.  Specifically, this morning.  I have had a busy week up to this point with my typical "stuff" including torching but also including reading again.  Oh yes, reading some books that have grabbed me by my heart and won't let go !  lol ! 

OUTLANDER baby and if you haven't seen the show yet or read the books, I suggest you do !  If you like a great love story that includes a bit of "fantasy", romance, a bit of World History, war battles, intrigue, murder and everything in between than these books and the show are for you !  I am so badly hooked that, in a months time, I'm already on the 4th book in the series !  Yep.  I haven't read that much in DECADES !  I use to read ALOT back in my younger day.  lol !  And back then it was not novels so much as biographies and such.  The outlander series is a novel but also has a bit of history in it as well.  It grabs you from the very start, holds on to you and you don't care one bit !  lol !  It's soooooooooooo hard to stop reading.  And that is my "problem" these days.  Deciding do I want to read or get other stuff done ?  The reading has been winning out pretty much.  The nice thing about that is that it's a way to make up for waiting for the new season to start next year.  Yep, it's one of those shows that you literally have to wait a whole year to come back.  Much like Game of Thrones.  Another post for another day.  :)  Anyway, I highly recommend reading the books and watching the show.  The first season is on dvd with the second season soon to be released I think.  The show will begin it's 3rd season sometime in the spring on the Starz channel.  With GOT on Sunday nights and Outlander on Saturday nights, my weekend line up is complete !  lol ! 
A little something to entice you to watch Outlander !  :)
A photo that was the cover of Entertainment Weekly about a year or so ago I think and the second photo is the latest from the upcoming Season 3 out next year.  I found them online so figure I can post them here too.   

Thanks for coming by.  Come back again soon !