Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Beads

I really don't know what that means !  lol !  I just needed a "title" for this posting and couldn't think of anything real clever.  So because it's winter and I am still making beads, why not Winter Beads ? 

I really don't have any "winter" beads per say to show, just beads, bellflowers and such.  Probably mainly bellflowers and "such" since that's what I've been making lately.  I did receive a new press last week and made one bead with it but won't show it until I'm a bit more familiar with working the press.  It's a bit of a tough one so will take more practice. 

I also received a new tool to use when making the bellflowers & other headpins.  I ordered and received it along with the latest size bellflower press I purchased.  The tool is the wire holder you use when making bellflowers or whatever sort of headpin using a wire.  It's the Carlo Dona slider wire holder and may I say I LOVE IT !  Yes, it's a bit costly and yes there are MANY other ways to hold the wire that's cheaper or can be made at home but believe me when I say, this handy dandy tool is the best !  I've used all of the methods I just mentioned including what was probably easiest for most (pin vise) but this way, is a thousand times better and SO VERY EASY !  Here's a photo of the tool and it can be purchased thru the only Carlo Dona distributor in the US - Spiral Arts If you make these pretty little headpins on ANY kind, I highly recommend this tool.  Photo below.  I borrowed the photo from Spiral Arts website and enlarged it so it's a little bit blurry.

Since receiving this new wire holder and the newest size (to me) bellflower press, I've been making bellflowers and lots of them (see photos below).  Also some more leaves and what I'm calling "do-dads" or little extra's to go along with some bellflower groupings I've been putting together.  I got some new leaf presses some time ago and am finally giving them a go too.  Anyway, photo's below of some of the bellflowers and etc. I've made this past week.  The newest size press is 16mm with 6 points and that's what most of the flowers are.  It's a really nice size.  The two groupings shown in the other photo's below have several size bellflowers in them.  I LOVE making these pretty little flowers.  :)  The last 2 photo's below show the sizes of the bellflower presses I have.
This grouping of flowers and so on are only a part of what I made.  There are a bunch more.  lol ! 

This pretty grouping of bellflowers, leaves and etc is made with corals, pinks and peach.

This grouping is made with Cranberry or gold pink and pinks with leaves and do-dads.

These two photo's are the sizes of the bellflower presses I have.  Yep, I have 4 of them and they are ALL the original Carlo Dona presses.  These are the presses that have been made for a very long time by the original designers family in Italy.  These presses make THE BEST flowers out there.  There are other so called bellflower presses out there but the quality just does not compare by any standard. 

I have a couple sets of beads I made as well but will keep those for another time.  I have so many of these bellflowers that I need to either sell them or make something with them.  :) 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ok so Belated Happy New Year !

With the start of a new year (now in progress) alot of us wish to start anew with fresh ideas, a clean slate as it were.  Or if in the middle of a project or venture to finish it up and THEN start fresh.  Either way can be exhilarating and bring a whole new outlook to your world.  Nope, not in either place.   lol !  I'm not being pessimistic or anything, I'm just not in that place and who said I had to be ?  :)  When you think about it, that's ALOT of pressure on someone actually.  I mean, What if you just don't have any new idea's or maybe you don't want any new idea's ?  lol !  What if what you are working on or dealing with is exactly where you want to be ?  :)  It would seem to me with all sorts of media telling us we need to start a new year with a new outlook and that if we aren't in that mindset or position, we are just not "right" or something.  lol !   Well, I'm ok for now as I am.  Playing with fun stuff at the torch and working on getting my steady hands back.  I know what I need to do alright without anyone telling me how I should be or feel.  lol !  Hey, I've started the New Year right where I want and need to start it.  :)  So as far as I'm concerned, do what you feel you need - not what the media says you need and enjoy !  THAT'S where I'm at.  Happy New Year everyone !  

So with that, here's what I've been doing when I can.  I'm at the torch of course.  lol !  So far I've not been able to torch every day.  Seems there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done first.  Still when I can I'm there.  Still keeping it simple, still making beads I enjoy making. 

Want some eye candy ?  Ok here's a few beadies I've done over the past week.  Had fun making them too.  Simple is the key word.  :)  My hands have been giving me so much trouble lately, simple is the only way at the moment.  That's ok though cause I think these beads are pretty cool.  :)  

Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you make it back sometime. 
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