Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ok so Belated Happy New Year !

With the start of a new year (now in progress) alot of us wish to start anew with fresh ideas, a clean slate as it were.  Or if in the middle of a project or venture to finish it up and THEN start fresh.  Either way can be exhilarating and bring a whole new outlook to your world.  Nope, not in either place.   lol !  I'm not being pessimistic or anything, I'm just not in that place and who said I had to be ?  :)  When you think about it, that's ALOT of pressure on someone actually.  I mean, What if you just don't have any new idea's or maybe you don't want any new idea's ?  lol !  What if what you are working on or dealing with is exactly where you want to be ?  :)  It would seem to me with all sorts of media telling us we need to start a new year with a new outlook and that if we aren't in that mindset or position, we are just not "right" or something.  lol !   Well, I'm ok for now as I am.  Playing with fun stuff at the torch and working on getting my steady hands back.  I know what I need to do alright without anyone telling me how I should be or feel.  lol !  Hey, I've started the New Year right where I want and need to start it.  :)  So as far as I'm concerned, do what you feel you need - not what the media says you need and enjoy !  THAT'S where I'm at.  Happy New Year everyone !  

So with that, here's what I've been doing when I can.  I'm at the torch of course.  lol !  So far I've not been able to torch every day.  Seems there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done first.  Still when I can I'm there.  Still keeping it simple, still making beads I enjoy making. 

Want some eye candy ?  Ok here's a few beadies I've done over the past week.  Had fun making them too.  Simple is the key word.  :)  My hands have been giving me so much trouble lately, simple is the only way at the moment.  That's ok though cause I think these beads are pretty cool.  :)  

Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you make it back sometime. 
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