Sunday, February 10, 2013

Badly Needed Beady Update

Wow, maybe this is what happens when the "muse" disappears or in reality there is no muse to begin with.  lol !  Fact is, I haven't been able to torch due to weather and health issues.  Jewelry making has just fallen off the "map" all together.  When you don't feel good to begin with, making jewelry is the last thing on your mind.  :( 

All that said I decided I still needed to at least update my blog with a little something.  I went looking through some old photo's and thought why not show some of my favorites. 

The first photo is of some of the very first doll beads I ever made.  The one on the very far right IS the very first doll bead I made following a tutorial by Anne Ricketts.  Then I decided I needed to see how tiny I could make one.  lol !  That one is to the right of the dime with brown hair.  lol !  She sure is tiny  !  I still have all these little dolls and should re-do the photo's.   
The brights set below was one of my all time favorite sets.  I love brightly colored etched beads anyway and of course I made many more of these types of beads.  Lots of them sold over the years but I did manage to keep some. 
I use to love to make hollow beads and made lots of them.  These were made long before I ever got into using a puffy mandrel.  These were wound on a regular mandrel.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color - an ice blue then etched. 
The set below was made using silver and frit only.  That's it and then swirled around.  Gorgeous set I think.  Wish I could remember what frit was used cause I'd make more.  lol !  I never took notes on these things.  Oh well......
I had to add my little mushroom bead !  :)  I love her !  She's still tucked away with some other favorites I need to get out and revisit, rephotograph and display ! 
  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite glass beads made between 2005 and 2007.  I'll do another update with beads made later until I can get back to the torch. :)
Thanks so much for coming by !  Please come back again sometime !