Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welome Back to My World Of Beadmaking

I am very excited these days !  I'm finally back at the torch and having alot of fun !  :)  It's very funny because it feels like I am starting all over again brand new.  It's just been so very long that I've sat and made beads.  The last time was when I made the beads pictured below that have black, blues and white and are textured.  That was MONTHS ago.  Before that, it had been a minimum of 6 months.  Torching twice a year just isn't going to do it anymore.
So since I feel like a "newbie" again and will need to "re-learn" many things, I've already put to use some of the HUNDREDS and probably THOUSANDS of free tidbits of information on the net and in my own possession.  That said, I've decided I'm just going to take it very slow and start from scratch.

As much as I love bright, bold colors, I also love the muted shades of earthtones.  Since it's still technically fall, those are the colors I've been playing with.  Browns, greens, ivory and so on.  These colors just feel warm & cozy.    
Keeping the shapes simple is important right now.  I need to re-establish that comfort zone between the torch, melting glass and myself.   In this second group of beads there are discs, rounds, saucers or saturns and donuts.  So far, there is one smallish focal.  I'm trying to stay away from focals right now but sometimes a bead just doesn't want to shape itself the way I told it to !  lol ! 

I mention these are the second group of beads I've done so far because the first group just isn't worth even mentioning so I won't go any further with those.  lol !

So, here they are.  What I was able to accomplish in one sitting and I must say I am quite happy with them.  They are far from perfect, they are not consistant in size BUT they are mine and they make me smile.  :>)  

Today I was at the torch again and made more of the same.  I will add those to this group and that is the next photo you will be seeing in the days ahead.  

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you come back often to see what I've been up to.  Not only will I continue to make beads but I plan to explore more hammered jewelry as well.  That's just way too much fun !  lol !     


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some New Eye Candy

Just a little something I had some fun with.  Hammered links bracelet. 
I hope to make more of these hammered pieces.  :)