Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just Another Christmas Post

The season is upon us with Christmas less than a week away now.  Are you ready ?  I am thankfully.  I hate being "behind" in things this time of year cause there's always so much more to catch up on in the end.  Yet, when it's all over, do you feel relief, let down or are you asking yourself," What just happened ?"  Or in other words, did I just miss something ?  It goes so fast and seems like every year it speeds by even faster than the last.  Yes, I am of the ages I see the years zoom by now.  lol !  It happens to us all but that's for another discussion.  :)  Onward and upward - as it were.

Since I did not torch this past week, I did manage to make a couple of bracelets for myself.  Yep, I was selfish and gave myself another couple of little Christmas gifts.  lol !  I had those fabulous purple beads to either list in my Etsy shop or make something with them.  I realized I might not get that edp to turn out so great ever again so I HAD to keep them and use them for me.  :)  Cool thing is, that color matches the colors in a new shirt I have so -  perfection !  I didn't have ANY jewelry with that purple in it so this worked out quite nicely.  It's a tad on the larger size but it still fits. 

I also wanted and needed a bracelet with Christmas colors.  I have snowman earrings and needed something to fit the holiday & to kinda match.  Beaded kumihimo was the way using these fabulous magatama beads.  I love the look !  And may I say, there is NOTHING like using a good, strong magnetic clasp.  So easy, so fast and secure !  Love it !  :) 

That's all for this week.  Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again soon ! 
I wish you and yours a safe and very MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS !


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Early Christmas Gifts are FUN !

Yep, they sure are !  I've been wanting a new DSLR camera for a very long time.  I have a digital point and shoot camera that worked "ok" but not great for my needs, which of course was bead and jewelry photography.  I also have an old Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera which I LOVED and used for MANY years.  Have a bunch of lenses to go with that camera too.  Well, a couple weeks ago, QVC had a great TSV for a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR package. Came with 2 lenses and a great package as the Q tends to do.  :)  I ordered it.  It came Monday and let me say - a lot has changed since the days of using 35mm film but a lot has remained the same as well.  It's just a matter of learning new things - again.  lol ! 

So once again I am on a learning adventure but this time with a camera - and I'm having a fantastic time !  I'm just going over the various functions of the camera this week but will start really practicing hopefully next week one chapter (in the instruction book) at a time.  :)  Simple and easy at first so I'm thinking the auto function will be a huge part of simple and easy.  lol !  Still I'm anxious to learn more about depth of field the most.  :)  

I've added just one picture I took just playin' around.  The octopus bead is a "Secret Santa" gift I received a few days ago. The glass forum I belong to has a Secret Santa every Christmas and this year I participated.   I have been drooling over Joy Munshower's octopus beads for some time.  She brought a HUGE smile to my face a few days ago when the package from her arrived.  I tore into that package and there it was - (along with a few chocolates and a lovely Christmas card), a fantastic octopus bead !  That bead will go into my faux fish tank as soon as I can find time to do the rearranging.  Thank-you once again Joy for helping make my Christmas a little nicer.  :) 

Anyway, octo bead was just sitting there on a sheet of white paper, I set the camera to close up and just shot.  No special lights, no adjusting the lenses, nothing.  Just shot.  I didn't even edit the colors in my edit program !   I was amazed !  The colors are PERFECT !  I do know of course, this won't happen with bead photo's much.  This is a HUGE bead though so I'm guessing that was part of the reason the photo turned out so well.  So more fun will follow.  :) 

I have but one photo of a bead I made this past week.  Alas, this little guy is all I could come up with.  A doggie with no tail !  lol !  So he'll stay home with me.  I do have some flowers in the kiln this morning.  Just been busy with other things this week.  Sometimes melting glass has to wait.   
Thanks much for coming by !  I hope you come back again very soon ! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Tis the Season to be BUSY !

I know we already know that but I needed to repeat it.  lol !  It's been crazy and 3 weeks from today - Christmas is already over.  Well, at least officially it is.

The beadmaking muse has escaped me once again with all the hub-bub going on with the holidays.  I did manage to get in a couple of hours at the torch over the weekend but that was about it.  I made a pretty little set of beads using edp once again and although the purple didn't come out exactly as it's "suppose" to, I still think they are pretty.  The name of the glass - evil defritifying purple is absolutely the correct name for that glass.  lol !  Even though I supposedly KNOW how to control it, it obviously can still do it's own thing.  I still enjoy the beads though and I think this set will go in my Etsy shop soon.  Someone very dear to me suggested I sculpt a beloved cartoon character into a bead so that's what I'm going to do.  I only have one week to accomplish that so keep your fingers crossed !  At least it's a challenge.  Seems I need those to get motivated anymore.  Geesh.........  

Since I have been online doing some shopping, I decided it was only fair to do a bit of shopping for myself.  lol !  Hey, why not ??  Anyway, I have been watching a porcelain bead artist recently hoping to catch when she loads her Etsy shop. I was able to snag a few pieces of hers yesterday !  I am totally surprised I was able to get anything at all since there was a feeding frenzy - literally !  The shop was EMPTIED in less than 5 minutes except for 3 faces and those were gone in short time.  So I snagged these three cabs - A hummingbird, a sea otter and a barn owl.  I am so very anxious to see them up close and personal.  The question I am asking myself now - what to do with them once I get them ???  Will have to work on that one.  lol ! 

Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again very soon !