Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Loom Knitting Will Get Me Through..............

..........the summer heat and humidity !  UGH !  Hate it so much.  Thank-goodness I have a little something to keep me out of it !  :)  

I'm still having fun with loom knitting.  I've made a couple ruffle scarves and have started another blanket.  All that fun is also causing me some allergy issues.  sigh.  It's always something with my nose for cryin' out loud !  Would seem it's most likely dust causing me so much trouble.  The process of manufacturing the yarn then winding it all up in a skein or ball traps all that dust.  Unravel the yarn to knit with and wha-la - all that dust is released.  That's the consenses anyway.  And yes, it goes right up my nose.  Solution:  Wash the skeins/cakes or wear a dust mask.  I have done both.  Washing the skeins, so far, seems to have worked some.  Onward and upward.  

This semi-new fun has started a whole new collection of tools, holders and yarns.  Just what I needed right ?  lol !  I've already gotten quite a collection of hooks together.  Have purchased several new looms and of course, all that yarn !  lol !  Need yarn for the blankets, need a different yarn for the scrubbies and yet another type yarn for the ruffle scarves.  lol !  It's just fun.  Of course making a blanket or afgan you can use just about any type of yarn.  

So here is a couple photo's of what I've accomplished so far.  It's a shame but I will be "frogging" the blanket I started the other day.  I feel there are too many mistakes and don't want to do that.  Anyway, photo's please:  

This first is of the second afgan/blanket I made.  I love the colors !  Didn't turn out as long as I had hoped but that's ok.  Will still keep a body warm and comfy.  

My first ruffle scarf made on one of my new looms.  Too much fun to make and I bet alot of fun to wear !  Has a sparkle to it which you cannot see in the photo.  

Scrubbies !  I actually made these before the scarf.  Made these while taking a break from making that second afgan.  Nice to have around the house.
Ruffle scarf #2.  Oh so pretty !  Also has a sparkle to it that just won't show in the photo's.  I gotta figure out a better way to photograph !  Love the colors on this one !  This one is longer too measuring in at 76" long.

My tool collection, looms and yarns will be the subject of yet another post in the near future.  Hope you come back for a visit !  Thanks for coming by !