Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Long Overdue and Something New - Sort Of

Since I haven't been able to torch in a very long time due to weather, pollen, illnesses, etc etc, I decided I needed something to do with my hands to keep me out of trouble !  lol !  Yes, I get into trouble when I become too idle.  Go figure ! :) 
So I started doing some research on various things and remembered I have a pretty good stash of yarn and needed to get rid of it somehow.  Began searching the web and you tube and wha-la - found what I was looking for !  I wanted to make an afgan.  Tried knitting needles - if only my fingers and hands could figure it out.  Same with crochet.  More researching brought me back to looms.  I have looms.  Round, straight, short, long, big, small, metal and plastic pins.  Didn't know an afgan can be made on some of these looms.  Did more searching and found the "S" loom.  Ohhhh I thought, that's new and looks like fun and you can make an afgan with it !  Bought it and never looked back ! 

Ok so here I am, in the middle of a WIP afgan and decided I needed a loom holder which I found by mistake on FB by a couple that make them.  They make 3 styles and I chose the round one which holds the "S" loom just perfectly.  Thing is, when I saw it and got it home, I knew there was going to be one "problem".  The longer the afgan got, where would it go and how would the holder work ?  Especially if you're using the bulky type of yarn like mine is in this, my first, afgan.  It gets all bunched up underneath the loom.  My solution, see below. 

This is only the way I do it.  Yes, the loom holder still spins on the "lazy susan" that is attached underneath.  It does not spin as smoothly because the afgan is "hanging" out from the holder and you do need to hold the holder sometimes.  Your thinking oh what a headache and the afgan is getting dirty.  Nope, it's not.  Easier than you think and if you have a clean working surface, no dirt.  Easy as that besides, aren't you gonna wash the afgan before anyone (or you) uses it ?  :)  Plus, leaving it in the loom holder, you don't get hot with the afgan laying on you all the time !  lol ! 

If you have an idea on how to solve this particular issue, comment below or contact me on FB on my All My Beads Page All My Beads I'd love to hear about it or try it out myself.  :)  More links below the photo's including to the page where these loom holders can be purchased. 

See photo's below.
Photo #1 - Shows WIP afgan on "S" loom laid flat.  Afgan measures about 33" long.

Photo #2 - The round loom holder with one end piece removed.  Can easily be reattached when needed.  Set that piece aside because it isn't needed from this point on.

Photo #3 - Place loom back in holder with afgan still laid out.  Once loom is back on holder, fold afgan.  Mine is folded twice at this point. 

Photo #4 - Side view of loom in holder with folded afgan.

Photo #5 - Back view of loom in holder with folded afgan.

Thanks so much for coming by my blog page.  I'll come back with updates on my looming journey.  It's been a lot of fun ! 
Hopefully will be back at the torch very soon !  I do miss making beads ! 
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Where to Buy the loom holders - Loom Knitting Gadgets
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Thanks again !