Monday, September 26, 2016

An Act of Honesty and Kindness

Another post that is not the norm for my blog.  This has to do with what the title is - being honest and kind. 

Over this past weekend, my husband traveled to W. Virginia and managed to lose his cell phone.  A first for him as that phone is generally glued to his hand !  I'm sure that's the case for MILLIONS of people.  Anyway, it was lost.  He told me he figured it was gone and he'd never have it again.  No biggie as he had planned on upgrading to a new phone and plan which would include a cell phone to replace the land line in our home.  There was no hurry to do that - until this past weekend. 

Anyway, after calling numerous times over the 36 hours or so it was missing, someone finally answered the phone !  A person by the name of Shelia.  Turns out, Shelia is the manager of a restaurant in W. Virginia.  She or someone, found the phone and was hoping someone would call it.  After speaking to her for a few minutes, she gave me the phone number my husband could reach her at so they could make arrangements for him to get the phone.  My husband was about a 2 hour drive away from the restaurant so instead of mailing it to our home, Shelia offered to meet him Sunday at the closed restaurant to return it to him.  She did, he has it and all is well with the world !  lol !  She refused a reward my husband offered but asked we promote the restaurant.  Easily done so here goes.

Thank-You again so very much Shelia for being the kind and honest person that you are.  You truly made my week ! 

Even though I did not dine at your restaurant, I hear the food is excellent according to my husband and the service, well let's just say above and beyond the call of duty !  :)  

Thanks for coming by !  I hope you come back again sometime. 

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