Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Musings

A busy week it's been for me for sure as I'm sure it's been for lots of folks.  Getting back to "normal" after the holidays - whatever normal is - can be a challenge for some, like me.  We get in that holiday mode and sometimes it's a little hard to get out of it.  We're in it for months BEFORE the actual day even happens ! 

Along with getting back into a "normal" mode, I've been back to the torch a couple of times and playing with my photography set up.  More of the photo stuff in a bit.  The torching was a bit of a challenge this week as I continue to try and get comfortable making butterfly beads.  It's going to take lots more practice that's for sure as I continue that effort.  My goal is to make the butterfly then be able to add decorations of all sorts.  Again a challenge for me but well worth it.  I USE to be very comfortable sculpting beads but that was nearly 2 years ago and I haven't done that since.  So again, it's back to the drawing board for me.  lol !  And that's ok cause no matter what I do at the torch, I LOVE IT !  :)  
Butterflies below !  
Of all the photo's I've taken, so far, this is the best one.  :)  As you can see there are funky butterflies but I wanted to show my progress as I go along.  The top middle blue one has burnt wings.  lol !  The orange and blue one on the bottom right was the very first one I've ever made.  See, I never made butterflies before this - ever.  lol !  The orange and blue one will definately be staying home with me and the burnt wings one, I MIGHT be able to still save that one.  We'll see.  I'm going to keep making these in the hopes I'll get better as I progress.  I want to do my very best for the families that will get the butterflies.:)

 I've been playing with my photo set up and it's been a HUGE challenge.  Or maybe a pain in the behind is a better way to express it !  lol !  Photography is not my strong suit at all.  Still, as you can see with the photo above I have alot of work to do !  All this will be the subject of my next post as to what's going on with that.  It deserves to be kept separate.  lol !  I LOVE making beads - HATE taking pictures of them !  lol !  So until next time........... 

Thanks so much for coming by my little blog.  I hope you come back again sometime.  I will post at least once a week from here on in.  :)       

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