Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beads Make Me Smile Every Single Time :)

It's been a long, hectic and tiring week but when I get a chance to look at beads, and I mean handmade lampwork beads, it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.  Now, I really have nothing brand new to show as I'm still not at the torch and I really have nothing new that I've learned - yet - to talk about.  
I can show some more oldies but goodies beads I"ve had stashed for some time that I just never got around to using.  Why I never used them is beyond me cause I like them - all of them.
In the first set - all those fantastic bright colors !  Ohhhh I just love them !  And the shape I used - I was into that sort of a butterfly shape back then.  That shape is very easy to make too.  Just flatten a square bead with mashers and cut with sissors.  Yep, you can actually cut hot molten glass with sissors.  :) 

The second set base color is really one of my all time favorite glass company and color.  The glass is made by a German company named Lauscha and I call the color icy blue.  It's  not the real name but it's sure what it looks like.  lol !  The frit on top is one that is no longer available and is hoarded by beadmakers or sold at a premium price.  Me, I keep my stash and use it sparingly.  :)

In the last set, another one made long ago and using that cut shape as well as some beads made in a mold.  The glass base color is opal yellow with a twistie of black, EDP and turqouise melted in.  That twistie is very reactive when added to the opal yellow base.  Love the reactions and the look !  :)      

Well, I head back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully will get the "all clear" that everything is healed properly.  Then will have to wait until the darned yellow pollen and all the rest of the spring time pollen is clear from the air before I can torch again.  I sure hope we have a short pollen season this year. 
Thanks so much for coming by. I hope you come back again soon. :) 

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