Thursday, November 29, 2012

Something New

Well it's about time I updated here.  Geesh.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday ! 

Since I haven't been at the torch in so long I finally got to spend a little time there yesterday.  Only about an hour but I had a whole bunch of fun in that hour !  :)  I tried something new to me - a blown ornament.  I have been researching this type glassy fun for several weeks now and there are a number of ways to do it. 

I decided to go for it using what I have on hand - soft glass (104 coe), frit and a hollow mandrel.  Since this was the first time doing such a thing, I did have to melt it down and blow it out several times before I was able to get the round shape.  I was surprised I didn't close off the air bubble doing that so many times.  Still, in the end, it turned out and I still consider it my very first try.  

Pictured below is that ornament.  I borrowed a cap from an ornament already on the tree so I'll have to find a replacement.  No biggie.  :)  Remember to click on the photo to get a bigger and better view. 

Not too bad I think.  I'm going to play some more today and hope for the best.  I have 3 mandrels prepped and ready to go.  I did place an order for glaskoben to do it yet another way.  I'll get into that more when that arrives and I've had a chance to use it.  Hopefully before Christmas.  :) 
I did make a few other beads as well.  Just to get back in the swing of things since it's been so long I actually made beads.  I used some glass & shards I've had for a couple years and it's just been sitting.  Figured it was time to do something with some of it and these are the results.

Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again sometime soon.  I'll be back as usual now. 


  1. Hi: Your blown ornaments are special! Good for you for trying, inspires me. Carolyn

    1. Hi Carolyn -
      Thanks so much for your nice compliment ! I so much fun making that ornament that I made 4 more !
      I'm glad I can inspire. That's a nice feeling and again I appreciate that. :)
      Please come back again soon.