Friday, December 7, 2012


My infactuation with making blown ornaments has taken me over at the torch lately.  I haven't made any beads the typical way, using a mandrel, in a while.  No, it's the blown ornaments that have taken all my attention.  

The ornaments I've been making were all made off the end of a hollow mandrel using bead release on the ends.  I then add the metal cap and hanger after it's cooled off.  Making the ornaments using this method, I could use the glass I had on hand.  No need to buy anything else which is always the goal.  lol !  Another method of creating a way to hang the ornament is that I could of melted the ornament off the mandrel, closed off the hole and added a loop but I had nothing to hold the hot orb so that was out.  lol ! 

I  also discovered another method of making these ornaments and had to give that a go as well.  More on that later.  In the meantime, the photo below is only a sampling of what I've made so far.  There is a variety of sizes that I've made.  I need to take a photo of all of them together in a bowl or something but haven't done that yet.  Right now, I'm hanging them all on metal "tree" I have. 

They aren't gorgeous and they aren't unique by any means but they are my firsts and I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far.  Of course there have been many that have landed in the water can but that's the beauty of learning - practice - practice - practice !  :)  

There will be more ornaments coming to be sure.  I'm into it now.  lol ! 
Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you can come back again soon ! 


  1. Hi Debbie,
    What do you mean they are not gorgeous or unique? I disagree I think that they are exactly just that. I bet they are even more beautiful with lights twinkling all around them on the tree. Wonderful job!

    1. Hi Therese -
      Thanks for the kind words. I really do appreciate it. They are pretty basic but that's ok by me. Gotta start somewhere. :)