Monday, August 27, 2012

There's a First Time For Everything

Well, almost a first time anyway.  I've rarely had nothing to show of my efforts for a whole week but this time I sure don't.  I haven't had a chance to work on anything this past week plus my mojo seems to have disappeared.  No ideas coming to mind.  What others call their "muse" I guess.  I've never had a muse so I have no idea what that would do to help me.  Plus being busy with other things that need my attention.  I call it life getting in the way.  :) 

I do know I'm VERY anxious to get back to the torch and make beads so it could be that's blocking any creative flow in making jewelry ?  Or maybe I'm just bored ?  Or maybe it's time to start something new ?  I have just about everything I need to start etching on copper.  But if I'm that anxious to get back to the torch, that might be too much of a distraction to start something new.  lol !  I'll just have to figure it all out and get to it !  geesh..............

As for an absolute first time for everything - over the weekend DH and I went to the nearest outlet mall and I discovered a new to me shoestore !  The shoes actually FIT and are actually COMFORTABLE.  I was shocked because for me, it's always been a HUGE challenge to find both of those traits in a shoe.  I have a rather large foot.  The brand is SAS and yes, they are pricey but for me, who has so much trouble, the price is worth me not having that shoe shopping headache !  YAY !  I bought only one pair of shoes there but my goodness, are they AWESOME ~!  I also went into Easy Spirit which the tennis shoes will usually fit but they usually don't have my size and again had another first !  I told the sales lady the size I needed and she started pulling shoes out left and right !  That store NEVER had my size in stock the three times I had been there before !  It was a good shoe day for me.  I bought 4 pairs of tennis shoes at BOGO at 1/2 off.  I'm set for a VERY long time on shoes !  :))

Since I have no new beads or jewelry to show, I'm putting up a few pics of some older things I made.  I hope you enjoy the little show.  :)

Thanks much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon. 


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