Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beads - All Kinds Of Beads

What is the facination with these little gems of whatever they are made of ?  I'm not real sure but whatever it is, I LOVE THEM !  I love them all but of course my favorite is glass beads.  Big and small.  Right now, I'm playing with small.  Yep.  Since I still cannot be at the torch because of the derned pollen, I've been playing with seed beads again.  I set aside the jewelry making for the moment and am concentrating on making beaded beads to use in jewelry making.  I haven't quite decided what I'll end up making -  a bracelet and earrings or a necklace and earrings.  I just keep making the beaded beads.  :))  It's been fun too.  A bit frustrating at times and very time consuming.  I forgot how time consuming it can be.  Nevertheless, I'm trudging forward.  There have been those moments I want to just forget it. I mean, I'm not selling this stuff so why let it get to me ?  Then I settle myself down and keep on going.  I WANT the beads for the piece I'm going to make.  :)  So onward and upward as it were.  I am using this pattern and it's pretty simple really.  There are other free beaded bead patterns out there but this is a great way to learn this technique.  Gives you some idea what you're in for if you decide to go further with it.  

So pictured just below is how far I've gotten up to this point.  There are 10 using the 8mm round bead as the base bead.  The bigger bead is an experiment.  I wanted to see how this pattern looked with the bigger beads.  I used a 10mm bead as the base bead, 8/0 is the turquoise color and 6/0 are the silver color.  It was done very quickly so there are a few threads showing.  It's not bad but the smaller ones are much nicer in comparison.  I think if bigger size bead caps are used in a piece the bigger size would be ok.  Just my opinion.  
I'll keep with the smaller size. Who knows how many I'll end up with ! !  

Thanks so much for coming by for a visit.  I hope you come back again soon to see what else I can think of to do !  lol !  You just never know !  :) 


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I have made these beaded beads before and they are a little frustrating when you first start, but after you get the hang of it they make up quick.
    I like the pretty spring time colors you chose.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Therese -
    Yeah, it wasn't too bad once I got going but did get frustrating towards the end again. I made some up last year when I first started working with seeds and enjoyed it very much.