Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keeping It Simple

All things considered, when playing with these jumbo blown beads, I feel like the designs need to be simple.  The focus is the jumbo blown bead afterall so everything else is secondary right ?    Yes but the secondary part still needs to look good.  :)   I'm not a jewelry designer by any means so anything I make jewelry wise is sorta dumb luck.  I put together what I like.  These jumbo beads pose a special "need" though and for me, that's been the most fun - trying to figure out what the heck is going to make these big 'ole beads look good.  :)  Hence, keeping it simple.  

So here are two necklaces I put together over the past week - give or take a day or two.  

 This is The Blues.  I really enjoy this necklace.  I keep looking at it waiting to actually wear it !  I have these pairs of beaded beads just sitting here on my work table since I made them and as I was putting together this necklace one pair found a spot.  I love the combination of the beaded beads and the lampwork beads.  I will be making more of the beaded beads in various colors to be added to my necklaces and whatever else.  :)  
This reds and black necklace is much longer than any that I've made so far.  I don't know the length yet though so can't say.  lol !  Anyway, I had to wait on the cones to finish it up.  I'm unsure if I like it as is with that second strand of black seed beads.  I'm thinking it might be too much.  Why too much ?  Because of the componets used in the main strand.  All those shapes plus the main bead.  For now it will stay together but  who knows what the future holds for this one.

As of right now, I will keep making these fun necklaces with more jumbo beads.  The pollen continues to be at very high levels so still no opening windows so I can make beads.'ll come.  :)  I am getting quite "antsy" though so I hope it's nearing it's end.  Usually after 3 or 4 weeks.  We are starting on week 3 now.  

Thanks very much for coming by and having a peek at my blog.  I hope you come back again soon !    


  1. I like the red and black one with the second strand of black. The black sets off the blown glass bead really well, and now that I've seen it with the two strands, I think it might look like something was missing if you took the second strand off, lol.

    I like the addition of the little beaded beads on the blue one too. You are becoming quite the jewelry designer! Great works, both of them.


    1. Hi Cat -
      Thanks so much for your feedback on the red necklace as well as your compliments. I really do appreciate it. I have gotten alot of feedback about that necklace so it will stay as is. :)