Friday, March 23, 2012

Never Say Never

It never stays that way.  lol !  Especially for me when it comes to making jewelry.  More than a  few times I've said I will never make jewelry again !  I always seem to come back to it.  I make beads, I have TONS of jewelry making componets, TONS of all sorts of beads to make jewelry with and the tools to do it.  So yep, the saying is so true - Never, say never.  lol !  

The pollen count is ridiculously high - it set records here this past week topping out at OVER 9,000 one day !  A number that has NEVER been reached before in RECORDED history.  Because of that, I am unable to torch for now.  I needed to do something with some of these jumbo blown beads I've made so back to making some jewelry.  It gives me something to do plus it's fun playing with them.  I promised a friend of mine I'd make her a necklace out of some of these jumbo beads.  Something to go with jeans and a tee shirt she said.  I had every intention of making her some special beads however it hadn't come to light just yet.  The colors she wanted were giving me some trouble for some reason.  I still had every intention of making that necklace I just wanted the beads to be perfectly round.  In the meantime, as I was putting together these necklaces for fun, I sent her a picture of one I had made with beads that I felt weren't so perfect but weren't bad either.  I kinda liked the shapes of them.  She loved it and it's now in her hands.  Nice.  I'm very happy my friend will get to wear this necklace.  I love how it turned out.  

I hope she enjoys wearing this for many years to come.  :)

I've been really having fun making these necklaces.  I have taken two of them apart already to make more.  lol !  I took them apart simply because they were just practice necklaces.  Just to see if using these jumbo beads in a wearable piece of jewelry worked.  It did and so I will keep playing.  :) 

The one thing I've found about using these jumbo beads in jewelry - for myself, I don't want to take away from the focal point of the necklace which is the jumbo beads.  The accent componets need to compliment those big beads, not draw the eye away from them.  So far, the necklaces I've made are simple in construction which does that.  

That said, the next necklace you see below - over the top !  lol !  Does not adhere to that statement at all and yet it all seems to go together quite well.  lol ! 
  This one was a practice piece to see how well all these beads worked together and I think they do.  Because I used only one jumbo bead I was able to go a little overboard with the rest.  lol !  The sparkle and shine of all those silver beads just do not show thru in this picture though.  LOTS and LOTS of that in this piece.  lol !   

Many more pieces to come in the days, weeks ahead until that day comes I can get back to the torch again.  I hope within the next few weeks.  :)  

Until next time, thanks so much for coming by to visit.  Please come back again to see what's happening.  And please leave a comment.  I love to read them.  :)        

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  1. Debbie, Both necklaces are beautiful. I know your friend is going to enjoy wearing her necklace. I love the big blown glass bead in the second necklace. You do wonderful work.