Wednesday, April 11, 2012


With the beaded beads that is so here's the picture.  

They all turned out pretty good.  A few threads here and there that need to be cut but I have to wait until I get a small pair of scissors to do that.  I only have big ones.  

That's going to be it for beaded beads for a while.  My patience wore very thin doing the last 3 so I guess 15 was a bit too much.  lol !  Even with these fairly easy to make ones.  Still I love how they turned out and can't wait to use them in a piece of jewelry.

I had someone ask me not long ago why the dime in the picture.  Well, with lampwork beads especially, the dime helps to show the actual size of the beads.  With lampwork beads without a dime, lots of people have a hard time realizing what say 8 mm. is.   So I just always used the dime to show size.  There are alot of lampwork people, actually the majority of them that do not use dime shots for whatever reason.  When I was selling, this was always very helpful.  Right up front it gave the customer an idea the size of the bead in the photo along with the actual dimensions.  In the long run, it saved both the customer and me from having to deal with unnecessary emails.  And it worked.  So, I still use dimes in shots even though I don't sell anymore.  I take pictures of beads and jewelry with and without.  

That's all for now.  Just wanted to update the beaded beads.  Thanks for coming by and I hope you come back again soon.  :)      

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