Saturday, February 18, 2012

Giving In To The Inevitable

It happens to us all.  The inevitable failure or mistake or faux paux when we are trying new things.  :)  So instead of wallowing in frustration or anger or just plain giving up I decided to have fun with it all.  I mean, why not ?  It's all part of the learning experience isn't it ?  Falling down then picking yourself right back up and doing it again !  Or any little ole' cliche' you can think of.  lol !  So that said, my newest "series" of blown beads is called The Blow Outs.  Can you guess what they might be or look like ????  LOL !  Beads that almost made the grade but I just couldn't stop blowing and wah-lah, a blow out !  :)  Take a look at the 2 latest additions below:

 Pretty aren't they !  lol !  I mean, for blow outs.  They're BIG measuring in at 33x45mm for the one on the left and 31x49mm for the one on the right ! 
The blue one just below, 31x49mm !  Yeah, he's BIG !  lol !  
I like them all !  lol !  These go with the amber fish pictured  in one of the posts below.  

I plan to add to this series as I continue to make these jumbo blown beads.  :)  Oh you can count on seeing more.  lol !   

So, now that you've seen the new "series", below is a picture of the successful beads I made yesterday.  :)  I LOVE this glass !  Can't remember the name right now.  The beads are part opaque and part transparent all from one rod of glass.  The two beads below are from two seperate rods of the same color.   There is a brand of glass that's very similar to this called Gaffer veiled cane but this is NOT that glass.  Anyway, it was fun to play with and these jumbo blown beads turned out perfect and THEY FLOAT !  lol !   The top one measures in at 27x37mm and the bottom one 25x35mm.  Nice and big !  And NO blow outs !  lol !

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a peek at my blog !  I hope you come back again soon to see what's new.  :)  

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    I love your blowouts the two top ones are very abstract, just plain cool, and I love the blue monster.
    The two blue beads are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Therese ! You're just too nice when it comes to my beads. lol ! I have to say the blow outs are fun though. :)

  3. I Love the Blue Monster Head! He is cool!