Saturday, April 16, 2016

Whoa ..............

.............  I just didn't realize it had been sooooo long since I posted here.  Good thing I finally visited my own blog.  lol ! 
                 So here we are in April now and I'm still not at my torch.  The pollen is still flying but I think the numbers are coming down a bit now.  Can't open windows to let in that stuff until the numbers are almost nil.  It's been a rough season for us allergy wise as it is.  I am anxious to get back on the torch too not only because I LOVE it of course but also because I have some new equipment, tools and most importantly IDEAS !  The ideas have been coming fast and furious and I should be keeping notes.  Alas, I am horrible at that thinking I'm gonna remember.  lol !  

                With no new beadies to show, I'll cut this post short.  Been going thru my bead stash organizing, destashing and listing some of the beads I've had but never listed.  Mostly 2 pair sets for making earrings, that sort of thing.  I have about 10 sets so have been listing a little at a time.  

                 I do have something to say about a blog post I recently read about shipping costs and destash items.  The blog post was about how the writer disagreed with paying what they considered pretty high prices for shipping destash items.  For example:  Say I list something for destash and charge $5.00 for it and shipping of $3.95.  The writer disagrees with that amount.  Says it's too high.  The actual shipping cost is $2.54, which in many cases is true.  Not all as some are higher but the basic small item that weighs a couple ounces costs that amount.  That said, that is ONLY the post office charge for postage.  That price does not include the bubble envelope needed to protect the item or the extra wrapping used or the box used or business card included or ink and paper a receipt is printed on if being used.  The writers costs for these items are very different from my cost of these items.  The writer says to use what you already have like bubble wrap you've saved from a purchase of something or small boxes that you've saved from previous purchases, etc.  All well and fine - if you have them.  If you do not have such items, you must purchase as cheaply as you can.  Everyone that sells jewelry, glass beads, etc  have these issues.  The writer says these high cost shipping charges is a HUGE "turn off" to potential buyers.  Well then those people need a lesson in such things or at least a reminder.  Yes, selling destash is meant to be a way to eliminate items you don't need or want or use anymore so you offer at discounted pricing.  That said, the post offices charges don't change nor do your shipping supplies costs. 

All of that said, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  I bear no ill feelings  or whatever however others need to remember - what you spend or have in shipping supplies may be or is probably quite different than what I may have or have to spend.   If I could afford to give free shipping, believe me, I would.  Would certainly make things a lot easier that's for sure.  :)    

So if you are buying destash and feel the shipping is too high - please please please remember, we are only charging what it is costing us.  At least I am.  :)  Ok maybe I shouldn't say "we".  lol ! 

For a little eye candy, here's what I've been listing lately.  Pretty little earring pairs.


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Thanks for coming by.  Hope you come by again.  Hope you're having  a great Spring ! 

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