Monday, March 21, 2016

Pollen and All It's Glory

Yes indeed.  It's arrived and in full force !  Yellow, white, invisible.  Whatever the case may be - it's here !  And it sorta happened overnight one night last week.  Got up one morning and our silver/gray truck was green !  lol !  ICK ! Yes, I know, the yellow stuff is actually too big to get up in your sinuses to cause you trouble - that is of course if you're NOT allergic to it.  That said, all the rest of the pollen IS small enough to get up in there and THAT'S where I live.  UGH.  So, this time of year, I REALLY hibernate and only go outside when I must.  I know that's how I am in the summer too but moreso now.  No windows open so that means - NO TORCHING !  Whaaaaa !  And I'm in the mood too.  Figures but it's gotta be that way for several weeks.  At least til the actual count goes back to "normal" whatever that might be.  Yesterday the tree pollen count was in the thousands.  We live in a wooded area.  lol !  LOTS of pines especially but lots of hardwoods too.  Awful.  The other day, as I was looking out the window, I saw a couple of cars just moving along down the street and behind each one - a cloud of yellow, et al, pollen flew up behind the vehicles.  No joke.  It was so thick even on the road it was visible in the air when disturbed.  I remember once when we lived in NC, we got home late one spring night.  I turned on the outside light and literally saw a "storm" of yellow pollen falling in the glow of the light.  I was amazed at how thick it was. It looked like falling rain.  I had never seen such a thing before being from the north.  Amazing. 

So with all that there is no new beads to show at all.  I have some that need to be listed but have been so busy with destashing that those beadies just sit in wait.  lol !   Yep, the destash of jewelry making supplies continues in a big way.  Letting nearly everything go as I just can't get into making jewelry anymore.  I have a few places these items are listed.  Some on my own Facebook page and others in a Facebook group you need to belong to sell or buy.  It's easy and free to join.  I'll post links at the bottom of this page.  But I'll show a few photo's of what I do have available.  It's all good stuff but there are a few outstanding items - I think anyway.  lol !  Like:  

                                   Beautiful Butterfly Pendant of wood and shell.

                       Karen Hilltribe Handmade Fine silver butterfly pendant.

                  2.5 pounds of Czech Fire Polished Crystals - Sizes from 3mm up to 10mm with MANY colors .

                           Just a sampling of the Mykono's Greek ceramic beads I have available.


My FB Page Destash Album

Other FB Group My Destash Album

Click either link to go to the albums however as I mentioned, to see the album in the FB group you need to join up.  It's free though and easy. 

My Etsy shop is still open as well.  Just click on any photo or the link on the right of this post. 

Thanks much for coming by.  Come back again soon. 

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