Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Go Away Pollen ! I Want To Torch !

I had a post nearly all finished about doing business online but deleted the whole thing.  Why bother ?  My opinions about online selling and buying are not important to anyone but me so no point.  Gonna keep my posts related to what I'm doing and the fun I'm having.  Yes, I know, life isn't all fun and games.  Believe me, I know all to well that point but on my blog, it's how I choose to keep it.  So let the games begin.....:) 

Since the last post here, I have been very busy !  Like everyone else on this earth I keep myself going sometimes too much and pay the price.  lol !  Anyway, there is so much to chat about that I need to choose one thing and just go for it.  So this weeks  post will be about making beads and spending time at my torch. 

I am only warming up with my torch time these last couple of weeks.  Only stolen "moments" a day here and there when it rains.  That way, the icky yellow and other pollens stay out of my house !  :)  When that's over I'll be able to spend more time making beads.  :)  In the meantime I have made a few more since the last bead posting.  I'm still warming up since I can only torch here and there.  Makes it hard to be consistent.  lol !  Still,  I have fun.  It's my first love.  I'm not a great bead artist/crafter but that's ok.   Lately I'm into the huge beads so that's been fun - good and not so good  !  lol !  Yesterday was a "not so good" torch session.  lol !  It happens and that's ok.  It was I wanna try something different for me day.  So because of that I learned a few things.  lol !  I'll get into that later. 

For now, the picture below is from the session prior to yesterday.  The one on the right has a ton of silver in it.  I LOVE the frit used as it's soooo reactive !  It's white before the heat hits it but then it can turn a very pretty blue and a golden yellow as well as staying white.  The one on the left also has silver in it but not so much.  They both took a very long time to make because of my torch but I still enjoyed it.  :)  That's the last session I had before yesterday. 

More eye candy since I only have the one current bead photo.  This second photo is from back in 2007.  I was into making little doll beads back then and enjoyed it alot.  I still have the little Halloween and Christmas dolls.  The others are sold or given away to family.   Can't quite remember.  lol !

Also a favorite of mine - a hollow puffer fish.  Can't remember when I made this one but he's in my faux aquarium still.  I love how this one turned out.  Made from a tutorial that was printed in one of the magazines long ago.  :) I did mainly sculpting back then.  Not a set maker at all.  lol ! 

 That's all for this week.  I'll be better about keeping up here.  Thanks so much for coming by and please come back again !  :) 


  1. Enjoyed your blog today. I very much like the blue/silver bead you did in the first picture. It is great.

    1. Thanks so much ~cryssT. Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the post too. :) Come on by any time. ;)