Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lampwork Glass Flame Made Beads

How's that for a title to a post ?  lol !  Kinda says it all I think.  lol !  

I had a very productive, hectic week thus far.  Not just with arts/crafts but with other stuff happening on the home front.  We are considering a move so that's taking up alot of time.  In between all that I do manage to "do my thing" beading, jewelry making, Kumihimo braids with and without beads.  Those keep me sane.  Those keep me happy.

So my happy parts brought me back to the torch finally over the weekend.  As long as it was raining, I could torch.  That rain keeps the pollen from filling the air so I can do just that.  It is pollen season again and it's been in full swing for the past month. 

 I had 3 torch sessions.  Fun !  The first day was pretty shaky but after that, I was fine.  Did some things I hadn't done in YEARS on that first day basically to prove a point.  It worked.  lol !  And those beads are the first picture below.  I made BIG beads all three days plus some flowers and leaves.  All pictured below.  Photographing the beads with the dime shows just how big those beads are.  :)  I had to make big beads for several reasons and am very happy with the outcome of all of them.  :)  Haven't decided yet if they'll be listed or will go in a piece of jewelry.

In the last photograph, there are 3 HUGE beads.  It took me forever to make each bead and it was due to the oxygen supply.  Will have to fix that.  Anyway, the beads turned out decent enough and I had fun making them.  That's what matters.  :)  The flowers and leaves will go in a bouquet I think.  I need to make a couple more rose type flowers yet.  In the last photo, that honkin' blue bead is my favorite of all of them.  I LOVE that glass and as far as I can tell, it's no longer available.  sigh.  That bead came from one rod of glass.  Soooo pretty.  It's been my favorite glass for years.  That one for sure is going in a necklace.

It would seem that the glass will keep calling me back in.  lol !  I have thought maybe it's time to quit - again with all these long breaks but something just keeps bringing me back every time.  I'm thinking it's the "zen" of melting glass.  Sounds corny I'm sure but it's the truth.  Seeing that glass melt then form into "something" is amazing to me and I can't wait to see the final outcome - good or bad - every single time.  :)        


 That's all for this week.  Thanks so much for coming by.  Come back again soon. :)

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