Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time to Torch plus More Kumihimo

I'm overdue for this weeks post.  No excuse other than it's been another hectic week.  So much for slowing down and taking things a little easier !  lol !

I'll be off to the torch this morning !  Yay !  It's been so long. I hope my glass muse has made a comeback !  I have designs in mind to play with or possibly make some bell flowers.  The latest bell flower tool I bought is the Carlo Dona 12mm 6 point flower.  The other two I have are the Carlo Dona 14mm 6 point and the 20 mm 8 point.  My favorite is the largest one.  These tools are the best quality tools made by a family that's been doing it for decades in Italy.  Anyway, I can't wait to play.  Hopefully I'll have something decent to show.

What has kept me busy all week is Kumihimo of course.  I made several pieces and thankfully only one had to be torn apart.  sigh.  I hate it when that happens but it happens to all of us.  We find that one little mistake that just happens.  lol !  And it was a pattern that one has to use tiny beads with.  I hate that too.  So that will be put away for another day.  :)  I did have much success with that pattern that has enthralled me lately.  I love doing it and don't see an end in sight.  :)  Pictured below are 3 bracelets I made using that pattern.  I love love love how these turned out.

Left to right - pale pink and lime green with silver and creme soda seed beads.  A hummingbird clasp brings it all together.  Pretty spring colors for sure !  And the hummers will be back very soon !  Next up,  Peach and shades of green and gold matte beads with silver and gold seed beads.  A pretty gold clasp to end it.  Lastly a gun metal and icey blue gray magatama beads with silver and pearl gray seed beads.  The clasp has 3 hoops to size this bracelet up to a very large size.  The one on top right is sold but the other two are available for sale if interested.  Just send me a message here in the comment section below.   

Next up, another dragon necklace.  :)  This one is so cute !  Great for a young lady of any age. lol !  A turquoise blue and pink dragon adorns this Kumihimo beaded braid necklace.  The colors of the braid match her perfectly in pink, turquoise, silver and gold.  She guards her precious orb close to her body.  The silver plated chain will extend the 17 1/2" necklace up to 20" if one chooses.  :)  And yes, I am obsessed with these dragons !  lol !  Soooo cute !

Lastly, another bracelet using that favorite pattern !  lol !  Yep, I just had to do it.  :)  I had this color combo in my brain for a while.  Love how it turned out.  This is AB Amber, gold matte mag beads with gold and AB amber seed beads.  I love how this turned out.  Perfect for fall however it can be worn any time of year.  The antique gold color leaf clasp works great with it as well.  Also for sale.  If interested, post in the comments section below.  This one fits up to a 7 1/2" wrist very comfortably.  :)

 I guess that pretty much shows just how busy it's been.  lol !  What's not shown is the two braids I made on my Marudai as well.  lol !  Craziness.  A slow down seems nearly out of reach these days.  lol !  It is what it is.

Until next time.........thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon.

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