Saturday, January 24, 2015

Where Oh Where Is My Glass Muse ??? And Thank-Goodness For Kumihimo !

Last week was another week of wondering where in the blazes my bead making muse has run off to !  I can't understand it.  It has been ages she has made her presence known and I'm beginning to worry.  :)  I WANT to make beads again. I WANT to be at my trusty torch and go for it.  I WANT to "feel" and see the glass in my hand and watch it melt in that glorious flame again.  So why can't I bring myself to just GO FOR IT ?  I have tons and tons of tutorials I could choose from.  I have all sorts of things running thru my head I could try out or just do nothing in particular.  Maybe just sit there and make spacers or bell flowers.  Two things that are pretty easy for me.  I think about it and even pass by my "fun area" where I make beads and just - nothing.  No inspiration, no urgency to get to the torch like I use to have, no dreaming of making beads like I use to.  Can't understand it.  So, in the meantime..........................

As I have mentioned frequently lately I am really into Kumihimo again.  Mostly beaded Kumi but making fiber braids as well.  I've followed some new tutorials lately that I have purchased and some that are in books I have.  The ONLY braid I worked on last week was from a tutorial I purchased over a month ago from Randi Sherman.  It's a beaded bracelet braid with just a bit of minor stitching you have to do.  No big deal at all.  If you can sew with needle and thread at all, you can do the stitching here.  Anyway, the bracelet I made is pictured below.  This bracelet calls for beads I've never used before in Kumihimo.  Size 11/0 seed beads, super duos and tiny 3mm drop type beads.  Ohhhh brother I thought when I got this tutorial.  Will my fingers let alone my EYES,  be able to handle all those tiny beads !  lol !  They did surprisingly.  So after the third try, it finally all came together.  The next problem I had was properly getting one piece of the clasp to stay glued on.  It was my own fault as I didn't leave the ends long enough and used a glue I probably shouldn't have.  lol !  Finally THAT all came together and the last faux pas on this cuff was the glue leaked all over the beads near the clasps.  Eye eye eye.  So yeah, even though I thought I wiped the excess glue off good enough, a little length of beads near the clasps are pretty stiff.  lol !  So the bracelet stays home with me.  No one else would want it anyway.  lol ! 

Yes, I will make more of these !  lol !  Even though I had "issues" with this one, I LOVE the look of it.  Plus now that I've made it once, the next ones will come a bit easier - I hope.  :)

I'm destashing some items that I just don't use of need.  If you're interested at all in these items, just follow the links I'm going to add below.

Yarns - On my All My Beads Facebook page All My Beads Facebook Page
Other Peoples Beads - On another Facebook page that is mine  DLA Facebook Page

Thanks so much for coming by.  Please come back again soon. 

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