Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year !

I'm sure that title has been used a million times already but that's ok.  It is the New Year afterall.  :)  I'm just not real creative at the moment to make it eye catching.  lol.

I do have 3 basic Kumihimo beaded "bracelets" in the works that need only a finishing touch.  I decided to go ahead and show the photo here just so there's some eye candy to look at.  ;)  Nothing like a boring blog that has no eye candy.  lol !

The middle one I'm keeping for myself since I already have one in my etsy shop for sale.  I liked it so much I had to have one for myself.  :)  Love the icy feeling it gives me since I LOVE the cold weather.  ;)

The top "bracelet" is made with two browns which I really like together.  I used the Omega #2 cording in black on both colors even tho one color is a transparent. You can barely tell it's there.  In fact, it's darn right hard to see period.  That one will be in my Etsy shop in a few days.  I am never sure about mixing a transparent and an opaque bead in one bracelet when having to use only one color cord.  This time, it worked out great.

The black and gold bracelet is so dramatic looking !  I love it !  This would be gorgeous with any evening attire in matching colors.  I got a little further in finishing this one as it was made here at home.  The other two were made while we were on vacation.  Anyway this one will also be in my Etsy shop soon.  I might make a pair of black and gold earrings to match but without the mag beads.

Next "creative" endeavor I need to do is work up one of the many tutorials I have on hand - old AND new.  I have LOTS and LOTS of both lampwork and jewerly tutorials to choose from so it will be a challenge to even consider where to start !  lol !  My torch has been sitting idle for a VERY long time and I am in the mood.  :)  On the other hand, I am enjoying making beaded braids ALOT once again.  lol !  Maybe I need to just put my choices in a hat and just choose that way. 

Ok time for me to sign off for now.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon.  :)  Have a safe, prosperous and very Happy New Year ! 


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