Saturday, September 6, 2014

Slow As It Goes

June 24, 2015 - UPDATE:  If you  are looking for the hummingbird and otter pendants, they sold LONG ago.  That part of this post has been edited out.  Thanks for coming by though.  :)

Below is the original post which was written September 2014.
It's been one of those weeks.  Sigh.  Nothing accomplished at all as far as any crafty or artsy projects.  :(
- Melting glass to make beads is still on hold due to heat and humidity.
- Working braids is on hold due to hand/thumb area injury and I have no idea how or what I did but the pain is severe.  Can't manipulate cords too well with a bum hand/thumb area.
- I haven't had a chance to work with the loom due to my hand and time.  It's been a week full of appointments, doctor and otherwise.

So what HAVE I done ?  Not much at all.  lol !  I'm ready to get moving again too !  I get bored so darned easily and feel like if I'm not doing a little something most of the time, I'm wasting time.  Kinda a dumb way to be I guess but when I get too lazy, that laziness is hard to get away from.  lol !  Does that make sense ?
So I have no tales to tell, no lessons I've learned or in process of learning.  No insights to share at all - that I can think of anyway.  lol !

I do know that I have some dye, white satin cording and instructions on how to hand dye my own satin cording and it just sits.  I COULD be doing that.  lol !  I've hand dyed my own SILK cording in the past and must say I really enjoyed it BUT, it is quite time consuming so I'm guessing the satin cord will be the same.  Plus not only dyeing is involved !  You gotta unwind the cord first then wind a specific way for dipping or painting then dye then once dried you gotta wind into a ball or whatever.  Now, I am talking about no small amount of cording !!  Each "ball" of cord is 144 yards long !   And that's probably why I'm procrastinating about it.  lol !  So it sits in my craft closet with all the other "stuff".  lol !   Hmmm, maybe I'll go for the loom again !

I've added a few oldies but goodies photo's below just to add some color to this post.  Hopefully next week I'll be able to show something I've done lately !

Thanks so much for coming by  !  I hope you come back again very soon !!  

                                    The next two photo's are of beads I made a VERY long time ago.  The first one is of a set I have always regretted selling !  lol !  I can't remember what I used either.  Oh well........ The doll beads were some of my very first.  The one on the far right IS my very first.  :)  The one to the right of the dime is the tiniest I've ever made.


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