Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mid September Already ! Fall Is In The Air ?

Not with 90 degree temps and 100% humidity !  Ick !  It'll come though but not soon enough !  lol !  

It's been an interesting week with a bum hand.  lol !  I actually know how to get along with a bum hand fairly well.  I've had 4 surgeries between both over the years.  lol !  Still it really isn't alot of fun.  Thankfully, no surgery involved here.  Feels like a sprain even though I don't recall hearing the telltale "pop" when you sprain something.  I can't get into ortho doc for another week so will have to wait til then to get "official" diagnosis.

With the painful hand, my crafting anything has, let's say, dwindled.  Still, I had to give something a try.  Got out the loom and got started.  I warped it with the new C-Lon size D colored thread I got.  Hmmmm, began warping and thought wow, the thread feels very weak to be doing that sort of beading but I continued and finished up the number I needed.  Started to bead and it just wasn't working out well at all.  Keep in mind, I'm using Dyna-Mites size 11 seed beads.  It was hard to manipulate these particular beads using this particular thread. I thought maybe it's just my bum hand getting in the way but I found later it was not.  The tension wasn't there either no matter what I did which I though quite odd.  Finally, after adding about 3 or 4 rows that took a VERY long time to work, I had enough.  Took it all apart and started over with the Silamide thread.  No problem at all.  So just maybe, the C-Lon size D thread just isn't going to work well FOR ME using the Dyna-Mites seed beads.  I know alot of people use it for looming but alot of people use other types of seed beads too.

As I was beading on the loom, my hand was starting to bother me so when the pain got too bad, I just quit which meant, not much got done in a week.  lol !  You can see in the photo below just how much DID get done in 5 days.  lol !  It's almost 3 inches and it felt like a foot !  lol !  I'll just do what I can when I can.   

Cool, fall weather is not too far off now and so the days for beading on a loom are becoming numbered !  I'll be back at my trusty torch very soon melting glass into beads and I am VERY VERY anxious to do just that.  :)   It seems like FOREVER that I've put in some good time creating with glass and I surely have missed it !  I'll still play on the loom or make a braid or piece of jewelry on days I can't torch.  I'll have to cause I just ordered a bunch more seed beads !  lol !  Making beads is my first love though soooooo...............

Time for me to start my day.  Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again soon !


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