Friday, May 17, 2013

Post and Run

Yes, it's one of those days where there's lots to get done so this is a hit and run sort of thing.  :) 

Had some terrific torch time this past week and looking forward to lots more !  Feels good to be playing again.  :)  I've been experimenting with a tutorial this past week and using one of my new presses.  It's for a very large lentil focal bead so I'm enjoying it since large beads are my "thing".  lol ! 

The experimenting has been a lot of fun.  Following the tutorial and doing my own thing with that tut.  The first two pictures below are of those experiments. 

The last photo is of a small set that turned out all wrong.  lol !  I was trying to duplicate a set I made many years ago and so far with no luck.  I still really like how they turned out anyway.  Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors.  There is lots of silver in those beads too. 

Time to get moving.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon.