Monday, May 27, 2013

Lampworking, Glass Bead Making, Making Beads, Flameworking, Torching, Etc, Etc......................

  So many names for one art form/craft.  Take your pick as to what you prefer.  Everybody that makes beads is partial to one or the other.  I guess it depends on your point of view as to which name you do prefer.  Technically, the proper and correct title is lampworking.  That term is from many hundreds of years ago.  In those days, when a bead was being made, it was made in the flame of an oil lamp.  Hence, lampworking.   As for the other terms, I couldn't say when they became popular.  That's a history lesson I need to find but these days, when I myself talk of making beads, I say torching or at the torch.  I'm sure that's very incorrect or improper but it's just easiest for me.   It also describes to those in the know what I'm doing.  For those that are not in the know, it does require definition.  Which is fine.  I'll explain but around my neighborhood, most folks don't care until I say," I melt glass".  That seems to spark a bit of an interest.  So maybe that little statement, " I melt glass" needs to be included as one of those titles ?  Probably because that pretty much gives a great description even though it says nothing to making beads.  Melting glass could take one in an entirely different direction.  Like to a hot shop where vases and such are made.  lol !  Then there's lampworking which conjures up all sorts of wild ideas, like I'm sitting at a table making lamps !  lol !

In the end, whatever we call it, it's what we are passionate about.  It's what makes us happy.  Whether we are doing it as a hobby or making a living at it - it's what we do.

With all that said, here's a few things I've been doing lately - SETS !  Sets were always my downfall.  I rarely made them.  For so long I was into sculpting and focals.  I have to admit this has been enjoyable.  I've been making beads using a few tutorials actually but one in particular.  Why I picked that certain one I'm unsure.  The original beads are gorgeous and something I've yet to achieve.  I don't have the same torch as the writer of the tut & I am missing one particular ingredient that the writer uses.  Still, I do like how these sets have turned out.  Only one set follows the tutorial perfectly.  In the photo below, that would be the first tiny set, up at the top of the photo. The other 3 sets, I've added an extra ingredient, removed an ingredient or changed up the order of the ingredients.  :)  Part of the fun of it all is doing your own thing, even with someone elses tutorial.  lol !  

So that's what I did most of last week.  Of course, there's more which I'll show another time but for now, this is good.  :) 
Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon ! 
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