Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today is Tuesday

ETA: Today is Tuesday, May 22 and this entire post is what I wrote up yesterday and kept having problems posting. Seems Google has a few issues it needs to work out for the new format we are to work with. Anyway, I decided to post it even though it's a day late to keep up with what's going on with me at the torch cause something VERY exciting (for me anyway) happened yesterday. So a new post is coming............................ 

Wow, it's time for an update here.  The last 10 days just sort of flew by even though it felt like it kept dragging on and on.  Having a cold, sinus and/or allergy problems really puts a "kink" in things.  Feeling somewhat better now but it still lingers......................

Not much time spent at the torch but was able to get on it a few times here and there.  Was able to try out some more murrini and make a few more beads for BOC.  The murrini - some ok, some not so ok but it's a learning process.  :)  While it can be fun to do, you most certainly need to be in the right frame of mind as it's a long drawn out process to get to the final result.  The more detail, the longer the process of course.  I've kept it simple so far with the smiling face and star or starfish.  Basically simple, no fuss designs.  The picture below is what I made one day.  The yellow star or starfish and another smiling face with blue and green.  The dark blue with clear around it was my first attempt at a starfish but it looks like a little flower.  So it's usuable.  lol !    

The next time I thought I felt up to torching I made a few beads.  One ended up in the water can.  It happens to us all.  One of the colors I had encased, didn't want to be encased so the bead kept cracking no matter how warm I kept it.  lol !  I ended up making two for BOC, the dino and the one with lots of dots pictured below with two others.  The other two are also for BOC but I made those a bit over a week ago.  I made the dino's tail a bit too long but I'm sending it anyway and hopefully they'll still use it.  :)  

I worked hard over the weekend so today is playday at the torch - I hope.  I'm not sure what I want to do yet but whatever it is, I plan to enjoy and have fun !  Sometimes the glass dictates what IT wants to do rather than me choosing what I want it to do !  lol !  If that sounds strange, it probably is a little bit but it's the truth.  I can have an idea in my head and it goes completely out the window once I begin melting the glass.  lol !  It just happens. 

Thanks for coming by and visiting.  I hope you come back again soon to see what's happening.  :)


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  1. I Love the Yellow Stars & the Aqua colors together! Looks nice.