Saturday, May 12, 2012

Something New & Fun

I haven't been doing much at the torch this week due to life getting in the way but did manage to try a new technique.  Up until a few days ago, when I came down with this icky cold or whatever it is, I was still making beads for the BOC kids.  I got some feedback from a fellow lampworker that after seeing one bead I had made inspired her to get out her murrini and work with it again.  The bead in question had some fun murrini in it and one piece in particular was a smiling or happy face.  The bead is in one of the photo's from a post a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, I got some more of those murrini from the gal that made the ones I used.  Lori of Then I got to thinking, why couldn't I try making some myself ?  I had never tried making murrini faces or anything too technical before.  I had made simple murrini with a few colors in them but nothing of this sort.  So I went looking for a tutorial.  Found a great one with about 5 or 6 tuts in it !  Not that I'll be able to make a butterfly murrini or anything but I got what I wanted - at least 2 murrini I CAN make.  :)
So, I did just that.  On my very first try at a smiley or happy face - here's my result ! 
I must admit I am very happy how it came out !  I got it perfect and THAT was a total surprise !  lol !  I only cut some of the pull into the chips you see.  I did use a couple in a couple of beads.  Only one turned out.  Melted the other ones into the bead too much.  lol !  Then I remembered why I didn't use murrini much in the past - I was no good at actually using them in a bead !  lol !  So I'll keep working on that part as well.  :)  

I did make 3 more smiling faces murrini but managed to do several things wrong.  In one of them, I forgot a step.  In one the colors were too dark and the last one, I used white for eyes and a mouth and they just sort of disappeared into the other color.  lol !  Oh well, that's what learning and trial and error is all about.  :) 

I can't wait to get back to the torch !  As soon as this cold or whatever it is moves on, I'll be on it !  And I really wanted to see the new movie Dark Shadows this weekend !  Drats.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you come back again soon to see what's happenin' !  :)    


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Your happy faces are so cute! You go Girl!

  2. Hi Therese !
    Thanks for the compliments. :) They are fun to make for sure. More coming soon I hope.