Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun With Dino's and More

Yep, still making big, bright and bold beadies for the kiddies.  lol !  Added some more dino beads as shown in the photo below.  Those are fun and pretty easy to make however a bit time consuming.  Still, ALL of these big beads are time consuming and use quite a bit of glass but are so worth it.  I guess I'm on a kick right now with making these types of beads so as long as this kick holds out, I'll keep makin' them.  :)  That said, when I do go back to making "regular" type beads, I'll always make at least one big bead for the kids of Beads Of Courage.

I've been making ALOT of spacer beads during these torch sessions as well.  I figured I better stock up on these little gems while I have the chance 'cause once summer REALLY kicks in, I will be on break from the torch again until it cools off.  We are already hitting in the 90's so I can only imagine what July and August will bring !  UGH !  I'm not a fan of making spacer beads at all.  I don't think many beadmakers are but they are necessary for jewelry makers that use lampwork beads.  I will use them to put together some jewelry while I'm away from the torch.  I've been making between 10 to 30 at each torch session so they are starting to accumulate.  I do have a bunch from years ago that I made and some that I bought but the colors are limited.  There might be only 5 or 6 of one color.  

With the hot weather already here in full swing, it was 90 degrees yesterday, my time at the torch will start becoming much more limited until I can no longer stand the heat.  I'm torching only in the early mornings now for just a couple hours at most.  I don't torch at night when it's a bit cooler simply because I'm nodding out at 10:00 pm as it is !  lol !  I'm an early riser so I take advantage of that.  lol !  Still, I cannot open the window when it's so hot and let out all the cool air.  So I am at the torch as much as I can be every morning taking advantage of what little time I have there.  Soon, I will be on torching hiatus again.  sigh.......that's the way it goes down here in the south !   

Time to get busy.  Thanks so much for stopping by !  I hope you come back again soon to see what's going on.  Enjoy your week !  :)             

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  1. Hi Deb,
    Love the little Dino beads I am sure the children that receive these will be very happy.
    I know what you mean about the temps it is awful isn't it. There was not a spring here in Alabama at all.