Monday, August 10, 2015

They Love Pretty Jewelry Too

Yep, they do so I decided to finally take my jewelry making (bracelets really) into a whole new direction.  I have no idea if they'll "go over" or if anyone will like them or even if they'll sell but that's the thing about the unknown - one just doesn't know what's gonna happen.  lol !  The REALLY big thing is - at last, I got a little bit of mojo back !  lol !  Yahoo !  The jewelry making muse has made her return.

Ok so what am I talking about here ?  Well, as I get older, I have found it more and more difficult to manipulate clasps of all kinds except the magnetic kind.  I've made plenty of bracelets and necklaces with magnetic clasps and that's fine and dandy.  The magnetic clasps I use are super strong and can take ALOT of "punishment".   Still, there are those that don't like the look of the magnets on jewelry.  So what else is out there to make it easy for folks like me who have this issue of dealing with hard to handle clasps ?  What about tying cording ? Uhm, every time- no thanks.  Still too hard for some.  What about memory wire ?  Tried it for myself and just did not like it.  What about good ole' elastic stretch cord ?  I decided to give it a try recently for the very first time ever.  Made one bracelet, then another and another and etc, etc.  Yep, this is the answer I am thinking.  I always "thought" that elastic cord would cheapen the jewelry but why should it ?  If you use quality beads and componets it will look just like any other beaded bracelet except with no clasp.  The most important part, it will be easy on and easy off.  So, as it is, that is the direction I am taking on with my bracelets now.  Let's face it, we are all going to be older some day and still want to wear pretty jewelry.  This is for all of them including me.  :)  I'll still make pieces that have clasps.  I have quite a stash of all kinds but for now, it's all in the elastic baby !  lol !  These types of bracelets are for all of us that have hand, wrist and/or arm issues but also for everyone that just want's a pretty piece of jewelry that's easy to take on and off.  :) 

The photo below shows what I've put together so far.  There is one bracelet in there that I've used one of my own focals.  The rest are gemstones, OPB's, crystals, shell beads and seed beads.  I'm using up beads I've had forever and need to find new homes.  :)   I've had alot of fun putting these together and will be doing many more.  All are for sale and you can see some individual pieces on my Facebook page here 

Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon ! 

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