Friday, July 3, 2015

Time to Burn Out

In a blog post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the subject of burnout.  We all go thru it at some point in our lives whether it’s at work or play, with work being the harder one to resolve.  So what is the actual definition of burnout ?   I just looked it up and there are several versions but for the purpose of this post, this definition fits my purpose right now: 

 fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity.

I’ve been feeling this way about creating jewelry for several weeks now.  Mainly frustrated, fatigued when I even think about it and apathetic towards it.   Most of it has to do with creating beaded Kumihimo jewelry but it really has to do with ALL forms of jewelry making.  I just don’t care about it and want it to all go away.  I look at all my jewelry creating supplies and just sigh, look away and wonder if I’ll ever care about it again. 

I felt this all coming on when I was working on the necklace pictured below.  That's the last piece I made and I love how it turned out.  I want to make more but then again, I really don’t.  (enter me shrugging shoulders here).   Just the thought of it makes me feel fatigued, frustrated and apathetic.  lol !  So yep, this is total and complete burnout.  I have MANY other hobbies/crafts/arts I can get moving on and all the “stuff” to do it with but again – I don’t want to.  No, I’m not depressed or stressed or hurting or any such thing.  I just don’t want to make jewelry – I even feel a bit guilty about not wanting to make jewelry.  Isn’t that kinda weird ?  So the question is – Why ?  Why all this jewelry making/creating burnout ?  If this happened to you, how did you get through it ? 


The one thing I REALLY want to do is make beads.  So at every opportunity when there is a “cool” day, I get to the torch as early as possible.  Like  on the 28th.  First day in a week it did not hit near or at 100 degrees.  It stayed fair all day long and I could of torched all day long but I only allow myself a max of 3 hours on the torch with breaks.  And that’s only if I start early enough.  lol !  Yes, making glass beads is my first love.  What I enjoy the most.  I’ll concentrate on that  - when I can.  It’s the down times, when I can’t torch that I NEED to be doing something which is when I always made jewelry, dyed silk cords, made fiber braids, made beaded dolls and etc.  

The necklace above IS for sale.  You can find it here  All My Beads Facebook Page  If you're interested, just leave me a message there or post a comment under the necklace.

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon.  The next post is gonna be a good one.  I got to torch ALOT this past week.  lol !  



  1. I don't get actual burn out, because I don't have enough bead-time. But, I do get periods of no creativity which frustrate the heck out of me. When I'm in a good creative space I think the endorphins must be flooding my brain, because I have an incredible sense of well-being. When I can't create I really miss it. Time solves the problem, eventually my muse returns. If you have stopped finding the joy in making jewelry take a break. You can find other things to do in-between torch sessions. Maybe try something you've never done before? Good luck!

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting Liz. :) Oh yes, a break from making jewelry is the only way it might come back. lol ! I have been busy at the torch nearly daily so that's good but also have purchased some new stuff to start something new. Just need to get moving on that ! lol !