Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's a Heat Wave In and Out !

Today's blog post will have several topics included.  So much to say, so much to do.  :)

To start, I was at the torch nearly every day this past week and had a blast even though it was hotter than hell !  lol !  Yes, I swore cause that's exactly what it felt like while melting the glass.  You have to understand, not only do we sit in front of a flame, we also have a kiln going and possibly a warming/hot plate going to keep little tidbits of needed additional pieces warm.  So all this heat adds about 20 plus degrees to your torching area if you are inside.  Which most beadmakers are.  Best times to torch are either very early in the morning (me) or late at night after the sun has been down a while and even then, it's blazing !

Second topic - New "toys".  lol !  A good name for new gadgets that are used for making beads.  For me, it is a new bead shaping mold/press.  Yep.  Got a brand new mold/press from Germany that I LOVE !   Typically, I hate molds/presses.  I've never been that good at it and really never had the patience to work with them.  I've got a few and only a few.  I don't typically make sets either but, I knew the minute I opened the box I HAD to play ( no matter how hot it was).   The thing most folks don't realize is that there is a learning curve with each and every mold/press that comes down the pike.  And it takes a little time to get it perfect.  The amount of glass needed, how many times one has to "press", keeping it warm, adding decorations (before pressing or after) and so on.  It takes more than one session to get it right, to get that perfection.  So we put some glass we think might be enough and press.  Hmm, not enough ?  Add more glass and press again, and so on and so on.  It's a process, a learning curve and it's necessary with each and every press, mold, roller, tool out there for making beads. 
The first photo - all of the beads I made using that new press.  Some were just test beads but there are two sets in there plus those two little creatures of some sort.  :)   The second photo shows the sets.  Yes they are simple frit beads but that's ok.  Frit beads are great for practice beside being pretty.  lol !  I have one more set soaking.

Third topic - Burn out - but because I need to get my day started, that will have to be for another day. 

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon. 

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