Friday, November 21, 2014

Bellflower Press Update - It's Been a While

It's been such a long time I posted anything about the bellflower presses and what I've made with them that I decided it was time once again for an update.  All the flowers I've made have been for bouquets but a few bellflowers and bellflower bouquets stand alone.  :) 

There's so much you can do with those presses other than "just" a bellflower even though the bellflower is still and always will be the star !  :)  I did some back searching on my blog and in my photo catalog and sure enough I was playing and experimenting with such things way back in 2012.  One thing I did do back then was make daffodil type flowers as shown in the photo's below.  I recently sold this bouquet with a daffodil type flower in it.

 They're easy to make actually just takes a little more time.  I have used 2 different methods both of which work fine.  Method #1 -  Make the petals first and keep warm on a warming plate.  To make the petals, I use this tool  petal puller which works very well.  The petals can be used in either direction - with tip attached or tip facing outward.  For the daffodil, the tips are facing out.  Once those are made then I make the bellflower.  Once bellflower is done I then attach the petals, any number you want to attach and wha-la  - a daffodil type flower !  :)  Put in kiln. 

Method #2 - Make the bellflower and the petals.  DO NOT ATTACH the petals.  Instead do the following -  Keeping the petals on the warming plate,  get a mandrel and make a spacer bead.  It can be round or donut shaped but a spacer bead.  Then add the petals around the outside edge of the bead with the tips facing outward if you use the petal pullers or if you make the yourself.  Wha-la, you have your daffodil petals.  Put it in the kiln.  Once everything has cooled & your spacer bead has been cleaned, you can then assemble the daffodil type flower.  Take your bellflower bead and slide the wire thru the spacer bead hole to see how it fits.  If you have a good fit and the bellflower sits flat or at least close to flat, you can then add glue to the bottom of the bellflower and/ or the inside of the spacer bead and attach the bellflower to the spacer bead and let dry.  I just use Super glue.  Wha - la - you have your daffodil type flower.   Sounds like alot of work but really it's not and the outcome is pretty.  :)

The yellow daffodil flower in the bouquet below is done using Method #2.  This bouquet was made in 2012.

The yellow daffodil flower below was done with Method #1.

So that's all for now.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon.

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