Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beads Have A Strong Hold On Me

Still recouping from pneumonia (at last, I got the spelling right ! lol ! ) so another slow week but I did manage to make it a bit productive.  Still no torching but kept my hands a bit busy anyway making some jewelry pieces.  Funny but once I started torching I swore off making jewelry (which is where it all started) and never thought I'd get back to it.  lol !  I actually never left it.  Just went in different directions with it. 

When I first started beading more than 10 years ago, believe it or not, it was Joan Rivers (RIP Joan) that actually got me started.  Yep.  I was flipping channels on tv when I came across Joan presenting her jewerly on QVC.  I watched because it was a beaded dangle bracelet or charm bracelet or whatever you want to call it.  It had ALOT of beads on it.  I watched and bought a bracelet.  Decided hey, I can make one of those and began my quest for buying bracelets then how - to books,  beads and etc.  So VERY long story short, I have quite a collection of my own and others lampwork beads, crystal beads, some gemstone beads, metal beads, shell beads, ceramic beads, wood beads, pressed glass beads, polymer clay beads and so on and so on, etc, etc etc.  lol !  Thing is, I've actually sold a whole bunch of beads too.  Not just my lampwork beads but alot I collected over the years and yet I still have an abundence.  :)  This past week one of my projects was putting together a new series of jewelry pieces.  I call it - " I Have So Many Damn Beads That I Have To Do SOMETHING With Them !"  I'll be showing pieces here from time to time and possibly some will go in my Etsy shop.  Which is a mistake as there are literally THOUSANDS of jewelry pieces on Etsy !  lol !  Anyway, I'm having fun putting these pieces together and seeing beads again I haven't seen in a while.  lol.  The trouble is, I keep buying beads.  Could be the draw is in my past from my former Hippie days ?  I don't know but whatever it is, it keeps me in and I just don't think there's an escape !  lol !  Could be I don't want to escape anyway.  :)

My first piece in that new series is this necklace.  It's soooo long it can wrap around your neck 3 times if you want it to.  :)  I'm so happy with it I might of kept it for myself if I wore necklaces.  It might go in my Etsy shop, I might gift it.  Can't make up my mind.  There are crystals, gemstone beads, cheap beads, glass beads, seed beads, metal beads and shell beads in this.   I love it !  :)   

More of what I did this past week was play with another necklace/wrap bracelet pictured below.  I really enjoy how these look !  This one is done is pretty pastel colors.  Will be in my Etsy shop soon. 

I have one kumihimo braid on the Marudai I'm working on, a beaded bracelet I'm not quite ready to show yet and a necklace I'm working on also for my niece.  So again, a bit of a productive week.  :)

That's all for now.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again next time.  :)

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