Thursday, August 21, 2014

Threads - Gotta Use 'Em

In a previous post, I said I would post what I am learning as I move forward with beading on my loom  I believe I said I would post about thread next.  Ok well, that's what I'll do today.  :)   Again, as a reminder, this is only my opinion on what I've experienced with what I have done and used.  I don't pretend to be an expert nor do I want to be an expert.  I'm just having fun talking about and showing what I have done while beading on my loom.  So, here goes.  

This past week, I have beaded two strands with two different threads just to see how they worked with the beads I use.  So far, since beginning this adventure, I've used 3 types of threads.  Each with it's own merits.  In fact, I liked all three for what they could do.  Here we go.  First off, the needle I use is the Big Eye needle simply because I have major issues threading regular needles of any kind.  lol !  Secondly, I have only used size 8/0's beads in one strand and size 11/0's in the rest of the strands.  The beads are Dyna-Mites and are made by Matsuno of Japan.  They can be more round than cylinder shape but basically they are cylinder shaped - just not as consistent as Delica's.  They are NOT Delica's and I must say I've never tried Delica's.  When I bought the Dyna-Mites, it was what I could afford when I was doing bead embroidery and beaded dolls.  I have LOTS of the Dyna-Mites so that's what I use.  ETA:  Turns out, those Delica's I have ARE size 11/0's.  I bought them years ago to use with my bead spinner and just never got around to using them.  Looked them up online from where I ordered them and sure enough, they're 11's.  :)  So maybe next project I'll use them.  Onto thread..........

I've got and used regular C-lon, Nymo and Silamide threads.  I also have some Fireline but have yet to try that with the loom.  

CORRECTION:  The C-lon "thread" I used is actually a 3 ply beading cord.  Thicker than their size D thread (which is NOT 3 ply) but still able to pass through the Dyna-Mites size 11/0 beads until the end of the needle which is explained below.

The first thread I used was the C-lon.  I figured it was probably stronger than all the rest because of the twist.  It is strong no doubt about it.  It went smoothly through the beads however when trying to get the big eye needle through the other side, it was hard to pull through (where the thread was doubled) the last bead.  I also found it most difficult to sew back thru the beads when the thread ran out and I had to add more thread.  The C-lon was just too thick to do this easily with these particular beads.  The only color I have in the C-lon is white so that's what I used in the first three strands of loomed beads.
The second thread I used was the Nymo, size D.  This is a nylon bonded thread according to the label.  I have it in black and white and decided to use the black.  I was going to bead a pattern that had a black outline but once I warped the loom, I changed my mind about what pattern to bead.  lol !  Anyway, the Nymo worked GREAT !  Slipped right through the beads easily.  I did find it was a bit stiff but nonetheless worked perfectly.  I have two huge rolls of this thread so will use it again.

The last thread I used was the Silamide, size A.  I think I like this thread the very best to use with the Dyna-Mites, size 11/0.  This thread is a 2 ply waxed nylon. The first thing I noticed about it was how soft and smooth it is.  So flexible and not stiff at all.  It literally glided right thru the Dyna-Mites easily.  No issues what-so-ever !  Easily went back through beads at the end.  I will use this thread the most I think.  :)  I have this thread in black and white also.  

So there is MY take on the 3 types of threads used.  Oh, I know there are more threads out there but these are what I have on hand.  I will try the Fireline and see how that works and post here about it in the future. 

I must add that I did try to work the loom flat again just to see if I could do it easily.  I found that I hunched over the loom more, my left hand was literally rounded over the end of the loom as I began beading which hurt my wrist after a bit and it was harder for me to see as I progressed up the loom.  So, I propped it up once again with the roll of shelf liner.  The loom in the flat on the table position just does not work FOR ME. 

 This strip is the one I used the black Nymo thread on.  These two strips are not as long as the first 3 I made but still look great I think !  :) 

This is the strip I used white Silamide thread on.  This pattern I used previously in different colors and again this strip is shorter than the first 3.

 This picture shows the loom lying flat as I was working on it.  I was about half way thru the strip before I had to add the roll of shelf liner under the top part.  Also note, I place a dark tan piece of material on the floor of the loom.  It helps with seeing the beads and thread better - FOR ME.  :)
That's all for this week.  Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again soon and join me on my beading with a loom journey ! 

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