Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sick Sick Sick Sick

Oh and did I mention, I've been sick.  Ugh.  At first, I thought the flu but it never turned into the full blown flu.  You know with all the usual liquid insult.  It would get just about there and that's it.  The body aches, pains, headaches, stomach ache, sinus issues, coughing, sore throat, light headedness, dizziness, etc etc.  All had been with me for nearly 2 weeks.  Finally most of the symptoms have disappated but not the sick stomach or headache or now a fever between 101  - 102 degrees every afternoon.  Such a sour stomach it's been a chore to eat.  Which you'd think was a good thing but believe me, it's not.  :(  Mind you, two weeks.  I actually KNEW what was causing all this.  I believed it yet had some doubt.  So finally I went to the doctor on Monday.  Did a test for virus - no virus found at all.  Did some blood work too.  Doc said, if this blood work showed negative then he didn't have a clue.  Geesh, that's reassuring.  The blood work came back the next day thankfully and told the whole story AND it's exactly what I thought it was.  I was right all along !  Drum roll is a "sensitivity" to Crestor !  I had ALL of the side effects that drug causes !  All of them !  So fast and so strong were they even my doctor was surprised (he was not the one that prescribed it).  
Sad thing, the doctor that did prescribe them couldn't be bothered to read my file again before prescribing that nasty, horrible drug !  If he had, he would of found I shouldn't of been on it to begin with because of another issue. 
I had been taking the med for 11 days and it's going to take a little time to get it completely out of my system.  
So there ya go.  If your doctor prescribes Crestor for you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read up on it.  Learn about it - BEFORE you take even the first pill. 
My husband takes it with NO ISSUES AT ALL.  None.
Did you know that statins are the #1 drug sold in the US ?  
Did you know this drug in particular was not fully tested on women over 50 ?

Please learn about any medication you are prescribed before you take them.  It's the only way to protect yourself.  

Hopefully I'll be back to "playing" with my new loom very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures of past creations.  First one, beads that went to BOC.  Second one Fall Flower Girl and last one is Simon and Schuester !  lol ! 

Thanks for coming by.  


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  1. Hi Debbie, I so glad that the blood test confirmed your fear. I hope you are back to your normal self soon.