Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Fun - Or How To Avoid Summer Heat

Answer:  Find another craft to keep you busy inside with the AC running.  Yep.  I'm one of those people.  Can't stand the heat and humidity of the South.  It knocks you down and makes you unable to breathe !  UGH !  With near 90 degree temps all last week, I hibernated as I do every summer.  Only venturing out when I must.  I dread summer coming at all.  

Ok, so I haven't posted in a few weeks.  It's really due to that first loom knitting project.  I actually finished it in roughly 6 weeks - give or take a day here and there.  Loaded with mistakes, attempting to fix mistakes and finding it heavier than I really thought it would be - I finished it !  It's big, about 65"x58" I think it was.  Something in that range.  Nice size for getting nice and cozy warm.  Which who needs that in the summer but hey, it's available.  :)  
I'm not sure I like the way the yarn ended up after washing.  It's very "fuzzy".  It washed up great !  It's soft to be sure.  No issues there.  Even the repairs I did held up really good.  Still, I don't care for the fuzz.  This yarn is really nice in hats and scarfs though.  I love how it looks.

Since finishing my first afgan, I started yet another one with new yarn.  I LOVE the new yarn but had to "frog" the project.  Why the term frog to end a knitting project ?  I'm not sure but might as well keep with the lingo right ?  :)  Anyway, I learned the purl stitch.  Never did that stitch before and found I really liked the look and it was something different.  Also learned the other 3 basic stitches.  On the new project I used both estitch and purl.  Decided I really liked the yarn alot and was going to buy more but because I was unsure I would get even close to same dye lots, figured I better not.  So the project was frogged.  Anyway, I got practice on the stitches.  

Now we come to yesterday.  I got my latest shipment of yarn !  Oh yeah !  I'm addicted because I could not WAIT to get those packages.  Only 2 arrived.  lol !  More to come.  Anyway, so I started yet another afgan as soon as I could yesterday.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn !  OMG !  Soft, chunky, beautiful colors !  I bought 2 colors of this stuff and I know I'll go back for more.  Bernat Blanket Yarn.  YUMMY !  Doing what is called the garter stitch - which is nothing but knit a row, purl a row.  Love it !  Will have to add a photo later.  Still in camera.  

So, as it is with my glass addiction -  it is also with loom knitting.  :)  I'm not complaining mind you.  Oh no, I'm enjoying it totally and completely.  And have already shown that it's not just the yarn or the loom or the actually knitting - it's the gadgets that go with it !!  lol !  Oh brother..................

Time to get my day started.  Thanks for coming by.  Have a great week !  Enjoy life !  



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