Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back From Vacation and a Few Beadies

I just looked at the date I was last here and it's been too long that I last posted.  Wow !  Since that date, we have taken a short vacation and there was lots happening at home.   Ever find out when it's too hot that your AC is on the blink ?  Anyway, I did have a little torch time in there and even made a beaded braid while on the road during vacation.  No pics of the braid but I did manage some of the beadies posted below.

These two beads are called fire and ice. Taken from a freebie tutorial written up long ago (years) by Mrs. Booger's husband I believe.  I'll have to verify that one.  I never did make these beads until this month and it was pretty much fun.  The only thing I'll do differently next time is make the twistie much smaller.  I have a tendency of making larger diameter twisties.  lol !  Still, I really enjoy the colors in these beads.  Thanks to Mr. Booger !

This very large freeform pressed focal bead is a favorite of mine.  Just frit added to some transparent glass and some of it twisted about.  I do enjoy very much how it turned out !  I will play with this frit some more.  :)  You may see this bead in a beaded braid necklace.  

BIG SIGH HERE !  lol !  This bead is a "What not to do" bead !  lol !  I will show those beads when they happen.  lol !  This one is NOTHING like it started out to be.  Right off hand I don't remember the color I started with.  It was either black or cobalt blue.  Either way, I added some silver foil and other ingredients to the base and it still didn't turn out like I wanted.  So I did the "logical" thing - I mixed it all together, hid that mess with MORE glass !  Dark Ivory, silver foil and black.  Hmmmm, the bead only got bigger and uglier !  lol !   This is the result.  ICK !  Every bead maker has done this at one time or another and usually more than once and most will NOT show them in public.  I think, showing our "what not to do beads" only shows others we are not "know it all's" in this world of melting glass and are willing to experiment !  :)  I mean, experimenting is 90% of this craft/art and sooooo much fun !  lol ! 

My Etsy shop is open again now that we're back from vacation so if you so desire, take a few minutes and have a peak. 

Thanks much for coming by.  Please come back again sometime soon.  I'll be posting back on schedule once again.  :) 

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