Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nothing New But At Least I'm Having a Little Fun !

Well, it would seem I've abandoned beading with a loom already.  As much as I enjoy the finished product, I just don't have the time or patience for it right now.  Too many other things on my plate, so to speak, at the moment. 

I guess you could say I've gone back to arts/crafts I've already established myself in and still love to create/play with them.  Some things, I just never tire of nor do I intend to give up ever.  I might walk away for a time but I always come back.  Lately, the bead muse just isn't calling to me so I've backed off a bit.  I did have some torch time recently and enjoyed my time there but it was enough for the time being.  I've come back to Kumihimo too and LOVE what I've been doing with that as well.  In fact, so much so I've made at least 4 regular flat braids in just the past week.  Beaded Kumihimo is a lot of fun however the age old tradition of regular kumihimo, with no beads added, using my wonderful Maurdai, also turns out lovely pieces.  Pictures below are the few I did make this past week.  I LOVE the colorways of these pieces so much so that I've used up the hand dyed satin cording that's in the first photo.  I'm hoping I can get more.  All of them are made with hand dyed satin cording I've had for some time.  The colors in all three braids are stunning !  And really, the pictures do the colors no justice at all !  They are must see in person to truly appreciate !  All three of these braids are in my Etsy shop now.   

Ok, wanna see some beads too ?  No problem.  I did do some torching on and off for a couple of weeks and the outcome is several bouquets.  Photo's just below.  I won't be posting much if anything over the next month so better put these up now.  The first bouquet is now in my Etsy Shop.  These were "extra" flowers after making the other two bouquets.  Those were special order bouquets and are now happily with their new owners.  The second photo is missing a white rose that came with it.  I just forgot to add it when I photographed it but it looks like the orange one in the top photo.  Enjoy ! 

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy !  Thanks so much for coming by !  Please come back again soon ! 


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Beautiful ropes and glass flowers. I hope you are staying cool in these hot spring days.

    1. Thanks Therese ! I do appreciate your nice comments very much. Yes, I stay cool by staying inside with the AC going ! lol ! Hope the same for you.