Friday, November 1, 2013

Key To Getting Your Mojo Back or How to Kick Your Muse Into Action

I mentioned in the last post how my "muse" just sorta left the building - as it were.  I was uninspired even though I was still making beads.  They were easy to me beads to make and I was actually getting bored.  There, I said it.  lol !  I didn't want to revisit things I had done in the past.  That really is one way to get the mojo working again for a lot of folks no matter the art/craft.  I just didn't want to do that anymore.  Coming up with new designs just wasn't working either.  No mojo, no muse, nothing.  UGH !

A while back, I read about a challenge put out there by well known bead artist Heather Trimlett.   Here's the link Click Here  When I first read it I figured it just wasn't for me.  My hands are too shaky, I don't have the patience to do such repetitive stuff, not sure I could follow the rules, etc. etc.  The excuses were there.  lol !  Fast forward to the present.  Too much boredom actually made the decision for me before I even realized it !  I started this challenge yesterday and am joining in on a group of a whole bunch of people that frequent Lampwork Etc also doing this challenge.  I was so excited to get started I just dove it yesterday without adding to that thread at LE.  I'll be doing that today.  lol ! 

So just below is what I accomplished yesterday.  I am so very excited to be doing this I just can't explain !  :)  Not only is it FUN, I am sharpening skills I should of sharpened LONG ago !  Because my hands tend to be very shaking I never did much dot practice.  Not only is it about sharpening skills, it teaches you MANY things that Heather talks about in her pdf.  The very first thing I have learned, I CAN make a fairly decent round/donut shaped bead WITHOUT the EMS (electric mandrel spinner) !  I was very leary about that.  I have always used the EMS simply because of the problems with my hands and arms.  The problems are still there and I can feel the 10 beads I made yesterday but I will forge on !  lol !  It's just too much fun not too and it's working.  I am getting out of this "slump".  

It is AMAZING what just a simple little dot can do on a lampwork bead.  The things that can be created is endless.  I am ready and anxious to be at the torch again this morning adding to this group !  I made 10 beads yesterday.  One is missing from the photo because it stuck to another bead when I put it in the kiln.  UGH !  It was flat on one side because I tried to separate them when it was too hot.  Oh well, I'll make another one today.  

Thanks so much for coming by !  I hope you come back again soon to follow along with my 40 Bead Challenge !  :) 


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I am so glad to hear that your muse has come back and you are feeling creative again. Your beads are gorgeous and you are right it is amazing what a dot can do to a glass bead. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

    1. Thanks Therese, I appreciate it ! This exercise is just what I needed to get excited again. lol ! Day two beads will be up soon. :)