Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finally - Beads for Grown Ups Again (and BOC too of course ! )

Yes indeed, more beads for the kids of Beads of Courage but this past week I needed to get a few sets in my Etsy shop so had to make some beads for grown ups too !  lol !  Not that the grown ups are doing any shopping in my Etsy shop.  :(  Still, it needed to be done and I had F-U-N making them too. 

I always have fun making beads for the kids and I am continuing to do that with each torch session.  I've made at least two beads for them every time I sit at the torch.  Lately the only reason only 2 beads is because they have been bigger and have taken longer to make. 

The bowl with the BOC beads needs to be mailed because it's filling up pretty quickly since I am torching about every other day now.  The count right now is 55 with a few more in the kiln.   Top two photo's below are of BOC beads I've made recently.  So much fun.  Top photo is a new design for me of little dinosaurs.  I hope the kids like them. 

The beads for grown-ups were a lot of fun to make as well !  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out.  The last photo below is just one of the sets I made the other day.  Not in my Etsy shop yet but will be by Monday.  I love the color combo's in this set and I really like them etched. 

Thanks so much for coming by.  I hope you come back again soon ! 
Fall is in the air which means cool temps and fall colors !  Yay !   

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